William Methven

I grew up in Northern Ireland during ‘troubles’ in the late 1960s and early 1970’s. The experience taught me at first hand the damage religious dogma and conflicting cultural loyalties can cause.

As a young man I traveled and worked widely in Europe and the Middle East. I trained in hotel management in England and Switzerland and in my early career worked in business management in hotels, in retailing and property development in the UK and Europe. Through this I have extensive experience of public relations, media communications, business marketing and social marketing.

I have lived in a kibbutz, in an eco-village in Ireland and in a new age commune in Scotland as well as living in suburbia and working as a business executive for twenty-five years. I have had a lifelong interest in history and politics, particularly in the way history has shaped contemporary beliefs and behaviours.

I first became interested in the historic origins of Christianity while living in the Middle East during the late 1970’s and working on archaeological digs. I was inspired to write The Hare’s Vision during time spent working in Scotland and studying early Scottish history with its strong links to Ireland.

Disillusioned with big business in my later career, I began to use my business skills to create and support social enterprises and self-help groups in the areas of men’s health, social housing, fuel poverty and environmental protection. My career has involved me in a high degree of public speaking to a wide variety of groups including senior executives, government ministers, university and school groups and community organisations.

I am currently retired from paid employment and work as a full time writer.

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