Rev. Nicholas Stanley

Reverend Nicholas Stanley, stands out as one of the genuine practitioners in the fields of Wellness and Metaphysics. Rev. Stanley has life experience and the necessary education to promote healing, which includes being licensed as a massage therapist, registered yoga teacher, and metaphysical educator, to name a few. Nicholas is an agent of change who inspires growth, development, and a feeling of purpose in

one's life.

Nicholas began his journey due to his love and admiration for his mother - she has worked in the spa sector since his birth. Despite the fact that his mother became quite ill just before he was going to graduate from high school, he persisted and he has succeeded.

Since that difficult time, he has learned and focused his attention on attending yoga daily, along with practicing swimming, cycling, and spin classes to balance his own lifestyle. As a result, he developed an interest in Health and Wellness, and through a variety of Alternative Modalities has found he can promote the interaction between Healing, Mind, Body, and Spirit. And now, with comprehensive knowledge, he has developed an effective method for people to maintain awareness of the mind, body, and spirit connection.

With his enthusiasm for spiritual healing, he believes that these simple remedies of receiving massage, practicing yoga, and being receptive to the metaphysical realm, may transform one's whole attitude toward life. However, like many, he was trained to believe that massage is a type of luxury that not everyone can afford, he decided to start a firm that provided monthly membership to improve one's wellness for a reasonable fee. With a desire to promote wellness for his clients while maintaining balance within himself, he continues to trust in his ambition and purpose, believing that the Universe will bring blessings to all as long as one follows their passion with an open heart.

Tony Robins, Deepak Chopra, and Marianne Williamson are Nicholas' sources of inspiration in life and career. These incredible actors and prominent personalities profoundly influenced him to be a unique version of himself with a combination of all three attributes. Tony is an inspiration to him because of his impoverished background. Deepak's compassion and capacity to merge a spiritual and physical understanding of health and wellness has been highly influential. Marianne is his role model in speaking the truth in a compassionate and sincere manner.

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