Kimberly Burkett

One of my first memories with storytelling was when I was in second grade. I told this wonderful story about visiting a castle on the way to school. Each of my classmates were so engrossed in the story and kept asking for more. When I became a mother coming up with amusing stories has become a near daily event. My children are part of the reason I decided to follow my dream of becoming a writer. I enjoy spending time with family and being outside in nature. I get a lot of my inspiration from watching my children play together. I also deal with bipolar depression, ADHD, social anxiety, and S.A.D. Therapy helped me learn to use art to express my emotions when I cannot find the words to do so. My treatment plan of keeping an art journal is what led to the production of my first book, Emotionally Abstract.

Book(s) By Kimberly Burkett

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