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"Kids and Culture Camp has been a true labor of love since its inception in 2010. Founder & Executive Director Jania Otey’s purpose in founding KCC is to instill excitement and appreciation for learning about cultures from around the globe in our children while providing a safe and nurturing environment.

Jania holds a B.A. degree in Political Science and a J.D. degree from Howard University. She is admitted to practice law in Maryland and Washington, D.C. where she worked at a large law firm before starting her own practice. Although she continues to keep her bars active, Jania devotes most of her time to educating and shaping the hearts of her two boys, being a wife, working in the church, and speaking across the nation nationally and internationally.

She also spends a great deal of time advising parents who are considering homeschooling or who are newbies to the home-education scene. Jania has a natural gift for organizational leadership and she is certified in CPR and Basic First Aid and has homeschooled.

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