Johnathan Vance

Nice to meet you, my name’s Johnathan Vance (my lovely fiancee there is Taylor)! If you found my page, you’ve likely seen some of my content. Whether that’s my socials, stories, or marketing work. Regardless of how you got here, I genuinely want to say thank you for stopping by.

So who am I anyway?

The short version: I am an author, digital marketing instructor, consultant, and gamer nerd through and through. Using these skills, I help others learn to connect. Whether that means helping a brand develop the ability to evoke real, honest emotions in their customer base, or helping my readers to discover pieces of themselves that they’d forgotten they had; I truly believe this is my purpose.

Okay, but what does that mean?

Basically, it means that I help people realize the best versions of themselves and their projects through a dedicated skill set cultivated over 10 years in marketing leadership and creative writing combined.

People often ask me how these two things are even remotely related and I always give the same answer: Humans love stories. Business is no exception to this.

I’ve served as:

  • Entertainment intern at the Walt Disney Company

  • Creative ghostwriter for romance novellas that sizzle

  • Chief Marketing Officer of a Healthcare Marketing Agency

  • Content Strategist for tons of growth stage companies

  • Mentor to numerous junior marketers and liaison to many agencies

  • Consultant to a variety of brands on the importance of storytelling

  • Writer for small gaming studios (barks, item descriptions, scripts, and more)

Take a look at my service offerings, my Vella works, or just shoot me a message to talk. I’d be happy to elaborate more on what it is I can do for you or your business.

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