Francisco Villate

Rhal Zahi (legal name Francisco Villate) is a writer, painter, illustrator, UFO investigator, Amateur Astronomer, Coach, IT Project Manager, and Change Management Practitioner. He has a wide set of skills and knowledge from the artistic to the technical field. He has been a University Teacher, seminar speaker, and consultant for multinational companies. Francisco has also been a meditation trainer. He has born in Colombia, South America.
As a writer, he has a variety of audiences, from the scientific community to little Kids. His fiction novels, science fiction, investigations, essays and Kids books have been well received by a diverse readers’ group.
His investigations on the UFO evidence of Billy Meier case have been following scientific standards, and have been peer-reviewed by different experts. In this area, he is recognized as a key investigator in modern times.

Book(s) By Francisco Villate

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