ABOUT R.Krystaline Carbajal

R.Krystaline Carbajal
Born in the Windy City, R.Krystaline Carbajal has lived a rich life filled with a myriad of experiences, having survived and recovered from a violent DV attack that would leave her paralyzed due to a spinal cord injury, only to later survive a stint with cervical cancer, and then be diagno More...



How many of us can really say we have lived life to its fullest? Nowadays, we are reduced to bullet points and a list of “things to do” today, this week, this year, in this lifetime.

 We once viewed the world with a sense of awe and wonderment when we are children, but where does it go? We grow into adulthood and we somehow shed these once cherished perspectives. We become tangled in the web of life; modern life anyways, as technology creeps in from every angle, we slip easily into automaton mode. Until one day, we look back and wonder; What ever happened to my bullet point? To my goals? To my will? To my REAL needs?


 We look for answers “outside” of ourselves, somewhere unreachable, and far away. What we ignore, is that within ourselves we hold the key to passage into the bliss we seek all our lives. We have the power to co-create our environment by adjusting our perceptions, and view life in a whole new way, to finally discover that although lost… it is now time to Return to Life!

Religion, ethnicity, ancient customs, or traditional beliefs, have nothing to do with this. That is what makes this message so different from any other. This book is about the Inner Journey that one must take, in order to re-discover that perception within that allowed us to live free once, and experience things to their maximum potential. We seek this knowledge as if we know we “lost” it.

Return to Life! Takes the reader on a journey in search for this inner truth, to find and remember who we are, and who we are meant to be. Feel inspired by the beautiful Full Color Illustrations included as each chapter cover, by world renowned artist Jonathon Earl Bowser. Travel along this colorful scenery of wondrous imagery, as you are taken deeper and deeper into your inner core for all the answers you seek. As you read each chapter, you will begin to “see” the difference in your life. Open your eyes and see what life is really about, and realize that we incapacitate or “self-sabotage” ourselves most of the time. Learn to let go of control, in order to gain it. Included are comprehensive visualizations, relaxation techniques, and answer finding strategies, along with various fun social experiment suggestions to keep your focus.


Jonathon Earl Bowser, a Canadian artist of English, French, Scottish, and Chippewa descent describes his unique figurative-landscape paintings as "Mythic Naturalism”: an exploration of the Divinity of Beauty, and the Archetypes’ of Mythology.  His work is a quest for the ancient, unchanging, and eternal knowledge found in the poetic revelation of the sacred and sublime. He believes that Mythology (both spiritual belief, and psychological preparation for life) must be recognized as the essential, timelessly enduring soul of our modern, hyper-dynamic, technology-driven world.