Sunrise (Miscorrection)

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By B.C. Young

Publisher : Forever Young Publishing

Sunrise (Miscorrection)

ABOUT B.C. Young

B.C. Young
What do you do when a story bounces around inside your head for three or four years? You need to get the story out to people, and the writer needs to tell it. Author B.C. Young had this exact thing happen to him. He was tired of driving back and forth to work everyday, conceiving a story i More...


My name is David. On an ordinary day, my grandson and I had set out to do some ordinary tasks. However, the events of that day brought things that neither of us could have expected. The result may be something we do not like, but a motivation to try and make a difference. Whatever comes of that day is anyone's guess. There is no doubt that a new beginning is upon us, and as is the case with every new beginning, you never really know how it is going to end. (Approximately 10,000 words)

Miscorrection: Sunrise is the first in a series of stories. Each story stands on its own, but also will tell a larger story arc as the series continues.