2150 Total Integration

ABOUT Michael Gray

Michael Gray
Love aviation, science and technology, science fiction, watercolour painting, photograpy and interested in everything else.



Mika Gerey, a Cryogenics Scientist, is buried by a 21st century superstorm and wakes up 130 years later.  Humanity has been through agony but survived and built a new civilisation.  Mika adapts and becomes their leader to takes them into the galaxy to meet friendly and unfriendly alien species.  Most im[portantly, they meet the Godhamma, the species that triggered human evolution.

Since I was a boy my head has gradually filled with facts and information about space travel, science and technology. Around 2001 and unannounced, I suddenly had the urge to write it down. My notes gradually became a book as it poured out onto my word processor. I produced several diaries or chronicles before 2150 Total Integration was started. It began life as a trilogy but I was advised to almalgamate the three books to make it acceptable. (Apparently, publishers don't favour 'small' work, ie under 70k words) I did the traditional manuscript submissions and got the traditional rejections so decided to look at e-books. It's not made me financially independant but it has at least, sold! I'm constantly looking for ways to promote it and considering a coupon promotion.