By Alexandra Semyonova


ABOUT Alexandra Semyonova

Alexandra Semyonova
Internationally acclaimed animal behaviourist Alexandra Semyonova was born in the United States and was educated at John Hopkins University and University College London. Author of the pioneering academic paper ‘The Social Organization of the Domestic Dog’, she works with dogs and thei More...



“If I had the resources, I would give every client a copy of this book at their first puppy consultation with me.” G. Pack, veterinarian

“Excellent work, well-written and researched.”Margot Donkersloot, dog trainer

“Unique and has many brilliant points, in particular the three rules she has found dogs follow.” Harold Gale, canine behaviour researcher

“As a dog trainer, I have to say this is wonderful material.” Johanna Ammentorp

“I applaud you for your efforts at stamping out the misconceptions about dogs.” Janice Koler-Matznick, author of The Origin of the Dog Revisited

"Your message is so very important if animals are to get a fair shake." Army Maguire, animal trainer of thirty years

"Thank you, thank you, thanks you for scientifically investigating the 'dominance hierarchy theory' and putting forth the effort to get rid of popular dog behaviour myths!" Ellen Mahurin, B.Sc., M.Sc, CAAB Associate

"Semyonova's work is absolutely incredible!" Emily Stephens, dog trainer

"I am glad to see the truth about dogs come out." Dave Thorpe, dog trainer, IPDTA

"Having published my own (very little) book last year for kids debunking pack theory, dominance, etc., with a view to preventing dog bites, I thought I could die happy. It now looks as if I can die even happier!" Kendal Shepherd, BVSc., CCAB, MRCVS (UK)

"Keep up the good work and let me know when the book is available." Ingrid Lingmark, behaviourist

"I've never been happy with the 'training' stuff I've read or heard, and have been evolving in your direction on my own for many years, expending much energy fending off 'training tips' from those who thought I was just too inexperienced/ignorant/stupid to know better. Recently, an acquaintance commented snidely that my two dogs were so 'docile and compliant' that it was 'a real shame that they'd never been properly trained'! And now I have validation, and backup, and a place to find out why what I do works, and to learn a whole bunch more." C.K. Thomas, dog owner

"You are so right on with your information and I will be using it as ammunition as I discuss your approach with the dog trainers in my area." Marilee J. Sherman, dog owner

"Thanks for opening my eyes and making me realize the true feeling of equality I use in my training is the way to go. Thanks for all your research and for printing the results in layman's terms. I am going to recommend it to the trainers in my kennel club." Pam La Vallee, owner of Touche L'Ame Kennels