Tatted On My Neck

General Fiction, Romance

By Nique Roberson

Publisher : Destiny Tales

ABOUT Nique Roberson

Nique Roberson



Journey back with the class of 1997, and see how thin the line between love and hate can be

Chantal learned early in life that every baby isn't a blessing, because she never should have survived the womb. Neglected by those who promised to love her, this Philly girl only finds peace and happiness in the bars of a sweet melody and in the arms of other girls' men. Her promiscuity and ongoing affair with a married man land her on a bus bound for Los Angeles, and she finds it hard to change her ways.


Shalonda grew up starring in network sitcoms and gracing magazine covers. Molded by her mother, she perfected the art of manipulation and will accept only the best money can offer. With patience as her virtue, she has plans to be the stylish wife of an NFL superstar. And with four years invested and at least four to go in a deteriorating relationship with Chris, a sexy and flirtatious young Wide Receiver, Shalonda uses every trick she knows in order to hold on to him until after Draft Day.


When Chris notices a man’s name tattooed around Chantal’s ankle, he becomes infatuated with her and the story behind her ink. Chantal wanted to leave her past behind her, but Chris shows her more love than she’s ever known, and she’s falling hard for a man who can’t love her back. Shalonda wasn’t raised to allow another woman to steal her future, or her man, so as Chris and Chantal become closer than ‘just friends,’ Shalonda plots, lies, and cheats to protect her own heart. But Chantal yearns to know what real love feels like, so if she wants to maintain her ‘peace’, she better be ready for war!

Take a ride back with the class of 1997... When Shalonda's long-time boyfriend develops a seemingly platonic relationship with a known home-wrecker, there's no line Shalonda won't cross to hold on to her man