Heaven in a Hole in the Ground and Other Earthy Stories

General Fiction

By Ann Richardson Davis

Publisher : Sea Griffin Publishing, Blackberry Books

ABOUT Ann Richardson Davis

Ann Richardson Davis
Born Savannah GA. Author of fiction short stories and juvenile historical fiction.



Short stories of the lives of people of the past, how they learned spiritual lessons and grew, sometimes the difficult path, sometimes with love.

The author was an artist, a sculptor and painter. She had not considered herself a writer, but stories began to come to her as vivid scenes flashed into her mind. She wrote down what she saw, and became a story teller.

Joyce Dixon, Southern Scribe:  "...a collection of twelve southern gothic tales that are haunting in the beauty of the language as well as the subject matter. Drawing on her gifts as an artist, the descriptions visually leap off the pages."
Sherron Smith, librarian:  "Stories are hauntingly beautiful, nourishing the spirit with provocative thought and genuine tenderness."
Edna Smith, The Valdosta Daily Times:  "This little book is a special selection of short stories and some of the best that I have read in a long time."
 Genevieve Wynegar, The Darien News: "...a wonderful compilation of old-fashioned storytelling stories... Her words dance across its pages and pull the reader into the emotions of each story's characters. Extremely well-written, this book should please the most critical of readers. ..a wonderful collection of diverse and colorful stories created by a master craftswoman.
William C Harris, Jr., author of Delirium of the Brave and No Enemy but Time:  Ann Davis has a command of the English language and a knack for story telling that is very special. The Holy Trinity of southern culture - family, religion and history, has been adroitly captured and beautifully rendered in this book..."
Carolyn DeLoach, author of Shadow Chasers:  "Ann Richardson Davis is a highly gifted writer and artist"
Beverly Connor, author, Lindsay Chamberlain mysteries:  "The Husking [one of the collection] was beautifully written and poignantly sweet."