The End of the World

ABOUT Andrew Biss

Andrew Biss
The works of award-winning playwright Andrew Biss have been produced in New York, London, Los Angeles, and many other cities across North America and Europe. His plays have won awards on both coasts of the U.S., critical acclaim in the U.K., and are an Off-Off-Broadway mainstay. His plays  More...



Accustomed to a life of cosseted seclusion at home with his parents, Valentine is suddenly faced with making his own way in the world. His new life is soon derailed, however, when he’s mugged at gunpoint. Finding shelter at an eccentric inn run by the dour Mrs. Anna, he soon encounters a Bosnian woman with a hole where her stomach used to be, an American entrepreneur with a scheme to implant televisions into people's foreheads, and a Catholic priest who attempts to lure him down inside a kitchen sink. Then things start getting strange.


An odd, yet oddly touching tale of life, death, and the space in-between.

You Only Live Once...Right?

"The End of the World is very much Alice in Wonderland meets Beetlejuice."

"Humorous, deceptively light and drier than dust."

"Jerky for the mind."

--The Compulsive Reader

"A surreal, clever literary novella."

"Weird, funny and philosophical - recommended."

--Helen Smith, author of Alison Wonderland, The Miracle Inspector, Being Light