Covenant of Lies the Healing Truth

Young Adult, General Fiction, Christian Books

By Holly Spence

Publisher : Monarch Publications, LLC

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Holly Spence
With a passion to know, learn and live God’s Word. My wife has been anointed by God to deliver His Word to His people.   A native of Cincinnati, Ohio, Holly is a graduate from the School of Creative and Performing Arts in which she majored in Drama, Technical Theatre Management and Vo More...


The once hidden secrets, lies and deceits from Henry McFinley and Jessica Richardson the wife of his lifelong friend has been revealed. The fall out has threaten their children, Shane and Jill's hopes of having a serious relationship and the test on their marriages is quickly receiving a failing grade. Beverly Martinez is back and her eye’s target is set to destroy Jessica and Carl’s relationship, however Beverly doesn’t need to use her manipulative powers as much as she thinks.

Selma and Marcie are forced to deal with their own individual abuse from Calvin Taylor and the affect of Calvin’s abuse brings about a need for redemption that Selma is not sure she can give.

Can they put the pieces back together? This is a powerful story of redemption, forgiveness and love. This story of self created web of lies is the final installment of the Covenant of Lies series by Holly Spence.

“The Covenant of Lies the Healing Truth is yet another 5 star read!

What more can I say about Holly Spence and her strong story telling ability? I enjoyed the last installment of this series as much as the first two! I only regret that this was the last one because I've come to love the characters. I love a book with a good message especially when that message gives my God the Glory!”

Rebecca Campbell-Greene

Author of Diary Series



Covenant Of Lies: The Healing Truth

Holly Spence

Monarch Publications

Reviewed By Karynda Lewis

Official Apex Reviews Rating:

Henry and Jessica’s secret, illicit affair is finally revealed – and the fallout

from it threatens to destroy more lives than their own...Beverly returns, hell-bent

on ruining Jessica and Carl’s relationship – which, ironically, may not ultimately

require much effort on her part...Selma and Marcie are forced to deal with Calvin’s

horrendous abuse – but their thirst for revenge may just be dampened by his quest

for redemption...

The final installment in the Covenant Of Lies trilogy, The Healing Truth

provides long-awaited answers for the questions that readers no doubt have been

asking as the series has unfolded. As the winding saga of her compelling cast of

characters draws to a close, author Holly Spence does a commendable job of

revealing the truth behind long-hidden mysteries and bringing the suspenseful

drama of her tales to a thrilling climax. Faced with the arduous task of putting the

pieces of their broken lives back together again, the friends and lovers of The

Healing Truth reflect – in vivid fashion – the struggles with which we are all

familiar as we navigate our way through the vast and sundry challenges of our

daily lives. As such, Spence’s tale serves as a powerful reminder of the need to

embrace love, forgiveness – and most importantly truth – as a healing balm for the

common pain and sorrow that aggrieves us all. A thoroughly engaging read.


Such an extraordinary series presented to your readers.  I found each book captivating and left me wanting more.  "The Healing Truth" brought it all together well.  To know you is to love you!

Authoress Valerie Brown

                                                                                                                Flowing In The Spirit


The series of "Covenant of Lies" began with - The Untold Truth. Holly set the stage for each character to have their purpose. The story began taking on it's own life which pulled the reader into the next book, "The Revealed Truth". By now, the scenes are described and well illustrated as though one actually knew the people. That comes from being able to identify oneself with some if not all of them. All of us can relate to or perhaps have experienced the same scenario that occurred with this family. When "The Healing Truth" was presented, I was completely captivated by wondering how everything would play out - especially with Jill and Shane. I enjoyed the riveting turns, unknown routes, and suspense that kept me yearning to see what the outcome would be.
Well done Mrs. Spence! Keep writing forever....

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Joe Vita said...

Great books... This multi-faceted storyline is completely addictive and it's impossible not to relate to these characters; I wouldn't be surprised if they were real people in the author's life. I'm a tv and film actor and I read a lot of scripts so I can tell you these read like an exciting screenplay. I'm so glad I began reading the series after all of the books had come out; when you find story-tellers who allow one to connect emotionally and spiritually it is no fun to have to wait months for subsequent books to be published. I highly recommend!

Joey Vita
TV & Film Actor