Trials, Faith and Favor

Poetry, Religion & Spirituality

By Virginia Terry

Publisher : PublishAmerica

ABOUT Virginia Terry

Virginia Terry
I am a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother.  I am an advocate for orphaned children in Africa, and the author of two books; Facets, Phases and Transformation and Trials, Faith and Favor.  I have created a line of jewelry, love photography and collect fountain pens.



Both books are works of the author's life experiences and observations.  Near death experiences, trials and triumphs.

The phases we pass through in life. The significance of minor as well as major occurrences we face. Most of all the choices we make and the journey they can take us on.

Reviews on Trials, Faith and Favor

Carol Houston

I just could not put the book down.  I especially loved 'The Eagle and the Buzzard'

Patricia Marshal

After reading the poem 'Mother,' I cried for a half hour, it evoked such beautiful memories.

Martin Felder

Your work has made me take a different look at poetry.  Yours is very very interesting.

Reviews on Facets, Phases and Transformation

Reader's Comment about 'Almost a Statistic'

Bravo!  This is a VERY GOOD story.  The suspense is really gripping, the plot, setting, diction, tone, mood, and atmosphere all combined to forge an excellent piece.  This type of style is called the 'Shark Attack' plot.  The Shark is divided into three:  head, middle and tail.  The beginning is the head of the shark that bites the reader with suspense and spellbinding intrigue until the very end of the story.  Please write some more stories, this is a very fascinating piece.

Maggie Magoun - Reader

 “This collection of poems and life experiences, 

shining more brightly than any weighty heroic 

epic, proves that the human spirit can rise above 

anything, including prejudice and hate. Her words 

inspire and uplift , but most importantly, they touch 

the heart of all who read them. No one who reads 

this book can walk away without feeling that their 

life has been touched profoundly and we thank 

Virginia, for the privilege of allowing us to share 

her life through her words.  

Bernice Angoh – Author

Beautifully Written and Pregnant with Words of Wisdom  "Wisdom is greater than strength" she says. Virginia A. Terry has written a compelling book filled with lessons well learned. The very first poem "Youth" captured my attention and the rest followed suit with as much or even more enthusiasm. When you buy a book that leaves you thinking about every aspect of your own life, then, it is money well spent. Her writing style is without a doubt very unique, she mixes and matches words that create a very easy to understand and at the same time seductive pattern.


Wanda Banks – Reader

This book of poetry enlightens and conveys words of wisdom with encouragement and motivation. The compilation of prose and short stories provides a message to the mind and spirit; covering a vast area of self-evaluations and soul searching. The poems, Take heed; Turn around, The plot, The tongue, Hunt and Trap, are a few mere examples of revelation through what we call life. I enjoyed reading this book it touched the Core of my Spirit . The title of the book is perfect for this poetry. 


Ruth Fiuczynski - Princeton, NJ - Artist

This Book Is A Jewel    

"Facets, Phases, and Transformation" Is a jewel of a book. So many revelations rendered so serenely. "IN AWE" is particularly gripping. "SWIM or SINK" sent shivers up and down my spine as did the other" life threatening" themes. I Would like to share this book with friends. You have "influenced and encouraged well".To Virginia A. Terry I say, WRITE ON



Sheila Thomas – S. Florida - Reader

This Is A Must Read   

I could not put your book down - I have read it twice and can read it over and over again it is such an easy read. The poems as well as the short stories reveal where you have been how far you have come, where you are going and so much more. I am truly inspired by your work, thank you.

Can't put this Down 


Anita Collins - California  - Reader 

I am using this book as a devotional - I have been reading it over and over since I purchased it. The poems and stories are so inspirational. I plan on sharing it with my women's group to read from daily. I love it!

Virginia, thank you for this wonderful adage of life and its intricacies.  Thank you for the small lessons, while telling it in a way where we live and relive the memories, especially those of my New York City.  Love Harry