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By Ey Wade

Publisher : Wade-In Publishing


Ey Wade
I am an author and Indie publisher of fiction, creative non-fiction and children's  picture books. Born in Texas, reared throughout the U.S.
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A three year old is stalked and mistakenly given to the stalker by his pre-school teacher.
A suspenseful analysis of choices and how those choices affect the people around us.

When Saturday mornings rolled around Catrine Teddi would bring her three year old son Brhin to eat breakfast at Mc Donald’s. It was an established routine to mark a day of errands and bonding. She never paid attention to Mona Boots sitting in the shadows across the play yard watching the little boy.
Mona Boots, deciding she wanted Brhin as her own, spent weeks stalking him and his mother. In her delusion to finally do something right in her life she enters The Perfect Solution Childcare Center and leaves with Brhin-Kristoffer Teddi in er arms. It’s a choice she is prepared to defend.

I have been in the childcare profession for over 35 years. Within that time I observed many laps in judgment, negligence and observation. This gave me the idea to write The Perfect Solution.

Previous Reviews
“Taking Care is no Joke. The Perfect Solution...A page turner. A book every parent that has a child in daycare or considering putting a child in daycare should read. Nancy Y. Wade's debut book looks into how each parent should be reminded that we are our child's first teachersTaking Care is no Joke, A. Wilson (Beaumont, TX USA) Child Protective Services

“The truest statements. As owner of The Learn & Play Day care center, I recommend the Perfect Solution by Nancy Y. Wade. It has sparked my concerns as both a parent and a center owner. My concerns for the safety of the young lives in my hands were to such an extent that I implemented new security measures into the center.”--the truest statements, M. Swopes (Beaumont, Texas USA) -Owner/Director Learn and Play Child Development Center
“Reading the book "The Perfect Solution" was definitely an "eye opener." Being a caregiver for many years as well as a Director of a daycare, I would highly recommend this book as a required reader for a training class in Child Development. Using it to create make believe situations to train potential caregivers to see what could be done to stop things like that from happening. I don't think the general public realizes the impending dangers that lurk around day cares from desperate people who are not allowed to see their child(ren) or people who are desperate to have their own child(ren) such as in the book. This book is definitely a "Wake Up Call" to parents and caregivers who have to rely on any Child Care Center.” 5.0 out of 5 stars Concerned Caregiver,Donna Guilbeau (Beaumont, Texas USA) 

“I totally enjoyed this serious but tasteful book. Nancy Wade wrote her book based on her 20 plus years in child care and most parents will appreciate her candid insight concerning their children well being in even the best established day care centers. From the very first word until the last; I found myself reading the book and mentally visualizing what was going on just like I was at a movie. She carefully described every setting and explained how all the characters would have a role in the final outcome. The book was very well written and easily read. I believe this was purposefully done. A lot of authors love throwing out big words and confuse their audience. Nancy must have realized that most people like to read but hate having to pull out a dictionary to understand what is going on. In conclusion; the author wrote a great book and one that should be on the best sellers list.” Ernest Johnson (Maryland)
“Ms.Wade, your book help my interest from page 2 and I couldn't put the book down until I read the very last page. Loved the characters and it makes you think about some day cares and questions that opens the mind about day cares. All pay more attention when children talk. Keep writing more books and let me know when your next book is publish.”The Perfect Solution, E.Jones (Texas)

The Perfect Solution (Kindle Edition) 4.0 out of 5 stars The Perfect Solution -Isn't!, February 8, 2011 PatriciaHardy "patticake 545" (New Orleans,LA USA) -
The story dealing with the abduction of a pre-K student from a day care center shows the necessity for more stringent safety measures to be applied to all day care centers. The characters are sympathetically protrayed and you do feel concern for their perdicament, but you just wanted to shake the people who ran the day care center and ask "What were you thinking" I would recommend this to anyone who would enjoy a well-paced suspense story.