The Pirates of Aden

Mystery & Thrillers, General Fiction

By D T

Publisher : Wings ePress Inc.





Dr. Paul Alban has tried hard to forget.  He’s managed to carve out a quiet and relatively anonymous existence with his girlfriend Ellen while working as a physician in Somalia. But when a Somali pirate is injured during the hijacking of a cargo ship and brought to his clinic for treatment in the coastal town of Bosasso, the demons of his past threaten to destroy the future he’s trying to protect.

Paul is not only a physician for a humanitarian agency; he’s also a clandestine operative for the United States government.  His most recent task was to provide a gang of Somali pirates with the shipping manifest of a Ukrainian cargo ship.  According to the manifest, the ship was loaded with munitions. Strangely, it didn’t list the thirteen man portable nuclear weapons in container R-EX 030862.  Even stranger, Langley denies having sent Paul the manifest in the first place.

But when a group of terrorists, led by Kadar Hadad, the man Paul nearly killed a decade earlier, steal the weapons and kidnap his girlfriend, it becomes clear to Paul that he’s been set up.  Now, considered a traitor in the United States, Paul must decide whether to go into hiding, or settle a decade old score and stop an unthinkable attack on U.S. soil. 

Delays at airports can lead to books being written. I picked up a National Geographic when I was delayed and it led to the plot for The Pirates of Aden.

Rasic catches the reader with an enthralling opening chapter focusing on a governmental interrogation that immediately has you racing to the next page. He owns you at this point and you'll find it very difficult to put the book down...I certainly did! Shifting gears to several years later in a a port city in Somalia, you are introduced to a series of intriguing and well-developed characters woven into the start of an equally well-developed plot. You'll find yourself endeared to Sami and his plight, all the while knowing what he does is inherently wrong. This might be expected as the pirates are portrayed as real people amidst their own struggle. What you're not expecting is the complexity of what takes place next. The book focuses on Dr. Paul Alban, a physician and US governmental operative who is trying to put his past experiences behind him. As the plot unfolds, it becomes clear that this won't be easy. Paul's past connection to Kadar Hadad brings a personal flavor to the plot and is essential in his character development. The reader is presented with his tortured past not only through his workings with the government, but in his family relationships as well. You can really sense his inner struggle with guilt involving his occupation, family, relationship with Ellen and feeling of responsibility for the death of a friend. Behind every character is another story and within every story is another twist which will keep you guessing the whole way through. Rasic writes an exciting novel and clearly has the ability to keep you wanting more. This novel moves at a frantic pace at times, but he never loses control of each character as a believable part of the story. His style and approach is something I would expect from a more seasoned writer, but his vision on this debut novel displays his creativity and ability as a novelist. The Pirates of Aden is captivating and pure entertainment! This book is an impressive first novel by any account I will now wait impatiently to a follow-up effort! 
-Robert Berger, Spring Hill FL