Because It Makes My Heart Beat Faster

ABOUT Peter Michael Rosenberg

Peter Michael Rosenberg



When Jonathan Fairchild is disturbed one night by a strange noise, he doesn’t really believe it could be a burglar – after all, there’s nothing much in his house worth stealing. It’s more likely, he thinks, to be Liz, his wife, who walked out on him two days ago. So he heads downstairs, only to be surprised by a man who hurls him against the wall, puts a gun to his head and tells him it’s “your time to die...”


Thus begins the longest night of Jonathan’s life. It soon transpires that the uninvited guest is not a burglar at all, but a man with a mission. Jonathan has been “chosen”; it’s the Intruder’s duty to carry out the execution. But before he kills Jonathan, he has to know what it is that Jonathan is guilty of. Jonathan’s protestations of innocence fall on deaf ears; “everyone’s guilty of something” and Jonathan must pay.


But as the night progresses, Jonathan begins to suspect that there are darker reasons for his

predicament; that this is in fact a game of psychological torture. Not knowing whether he has much longer to live, Jonathan’s life flashes before him as he is forced to contemplate his past actions and behaviour and link them to the present.


As the truth slowly starts to emerge, it is not clear who is victim and who is culprit, who is right and who is wrong, in a battle of wits, conscience and will to survive, in which there can be only one winner...

"A dark tale which touches on the latent violence lurking beneath the most civilized of exteriors... compelling" THE TIMES