Yesterday's Treasures

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Richard Denning
Hi - I am Richard Denning. I was born in Ilkeston in Derbyshire and I live in Sutton Coldfield in the West Midlands. I am currently working as a General Practitioner with a North Birmingham practice. I am 43 and am married with two children (Helen and Matthew)Activities and InterestsI am a More...


The sequel to Tomorrow's Guardian. Tom and the Hourglass INstitute are back in business.


Everyone is searching for pieces of 'The Crown of Knossos:' historical artefacts which when assembled allow control over all of history in this and in the Twisted reality. The Hourglass Institute, Redfeld's masters and even the Directorate are soon in the hunt. One by one the pieces are found but eventually Tom and the others discover who is really after The Crown

and what their motivations are. It is only then that they realise the extent of the danger,

for 'Yesterday's Treasures' can mean the destruction of tomorrow.