The Spirit Controlled Life

Religion & Spirituality

By Danny Bond

Publisher : The Word Transfer

ABOUT Danny Bond

Danny Bond
Danny Bond is the senior pastor of The Vine Christian Fellowship in Appleton, Wisconsin. Over his three decades of ministry he has enjoyed a number of pastorates, taught at conferences and overseas, has ministered for years over the radio, and his bi-weekly teachings stream live over the I More...


What does it really mean to be filled with the Holy Spirit?  Is it just a tingly one-time thing?  Or is it so much more?  In the Bible, the Spirit-filled life is a continuous filling of God’s power and intimacy. And it’s the birthright of every Christian.  We just have to yield to God’s love, His Lordship, His power and influence so that His Spirit can be the wind in the sails of our Christian life – filling us, sustaining us, empowering us, and guiding us.  When you yield yourself to Him, He begins to fill you, permeate your being, inspire your thoughts, and illuminate your mind to comprehend and obey His Word.  Let me show you how.