Fatal Embrace


By Aris Whittier

Publisher : Five Star

Fatal Embrace

ABOUT Aris Whittier

Aris Whittier
Aris Whittier is a romance writer. She writes suspense, contemporary, and commercial woman's fiction. Her debut novel, Fatal Embrace is a romantic suspense that was featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine as a Red-Hot Read. Foolish Notions is a contemporary romance that has just a touch a myster More...



High-spirited horse trainer Jessica Stanson stumbles into the perfect job on one of the most elite ranches in Montana. Or at least it would be if her boss, ex-detective Michael Carven, stopped acting like he didn't want her there. Jessica has to prove herself to him on the ranch, and also try to penetrate his armor to get to the man inside. Michael Carven is a man who has left a difficult past behind him, and now works at his dream job raising horses under the Montana sky. But he knows that the past has a way of coming back to him, and soon enough, it does. A wave of violence hits the nearby small town of Riverside, nestled deep in the mountains, as a cunning serial killer preys on the population. Against his will, Michael finds himself both drawn into the case and coming to care for his independent new trainer. And if having a killer on the loose wasn't enough, his two worlds collide when Jessica becomes the only material witness in the case. Before it is over, Michael and Jessica will put everything they know and hold dear on the line to catch a vicious, cunning killer - and to protect each other as well.
"...action-packed suspense...A reader can envision this story while reading it, as if it is playing on the big screen..rife with passion from the characters and suspense,..This tale has it all ... I hope Ms. Whittier has another release soon. I look forward to it!"
--The Road to Romance

"Fatal Embrace is a page-turner and moves with the speed of lightening. It is so easy to like the characters that Aris Whittier has created; they are interesting, intelligent, and totally believable. The narration is also outstanding. The identity of the killer is abig surprise, as are the motives for the murders, but otherwise this is a very good romantic suspense novel that is easy, enjoyable reading."
--America Online Romance Fiction Forum

"...a promising fiction debut...this cross-genre novel should have wide appeal."
--Publisher's Weekly

"...nail-biting, suspenseful writing...an author on the rise...well plotted out with twists and turns that keep readers riveted throughout the book...this book is fast-paced and chilling in its intensity...Aris Whittier is one writer readers are sure to be embracing as a 'must read' author."
--Love Romances

"I was simply amazed...Fast paced, vivid descriptions, and a scenic local blended into one fabulous book...couldn't put it down..had me on the edge of my seat...Fatal Embrace will have you making room on your keeper shelf."
--Tami Sutton, Escape to Romance