Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Ben Games

Publisher : Fideli Publishing Inc.


ABOUT Ben Games

Ben Games
Ben R. Games, PhD, Major, CW-4, TCNA-6, flew bombers and night fighters during WWII. Then Jet Fighters for the USAF during the Korean War, and Chinook helicopters in Vietnam for the 1st Cavalry Division. He is a member of the North American Mach Busters Club and of the Distinguished Flying More...


The King of Zoran decided Earth was the place to find a new battle captain to win the battle against the Altairons. The king insisted a battle captain had to be picked now! So, in 1947 flying saucers were ordered to Roswell, New Mexico. The plan was to attract enough attention that the US Army and Air Force would try to attack. Then they could find the lead man and capture him. He would be offered the position of Battle Captain but not told that he would be put in a deep sleep capsule after the battle. All good plans turn to shit when things go wrong … and this day things went very wrong!