2012: Creating Your Own Shift

ABOUT Hunt Henion

Hunt Henion
Hunt Henion writes for the Examiner and has been involved in deciphering the spiritual nature of life his entire life. He has a PhD in Religious Studies and is a best-selling author.  He's written five books and compiled two anthologies (both Amazon Best-sellers)..


"2012: Creating Your Own Shift" summarizes the best insights of thirty-seven of the world’s most authoritative sources in many fields about the shift that began the end of 2012.

One thing on which all the authors of this work agree is that December 21, 2012 marked an initiation into a completely new consciousness and a divinely ordained new beginning for our world.

Some discuss how to prepare for this on an individual level. Others
suggest needed institutional reforms. Topics discussed range from the
esoteric to the down-to-earth.

Authors have condensed the body of their works into concise
summaries, exposing readers to the essence of their unique knowledge and discoveries.

This prophetic anthology explains what’s happening in our world
and what “ascension” is all about. It recommends ways to cooperate with the changes on personal and social levels. The book ends with inspirational visions of the future, mapping the way to a harmonious new world with more humanitarian priorities.

After discussing 2012 in my bestselling book, "Looking, Seeing & Knowing," and in "The Renewal..." (which is also a journal so readers can record what REALLY happens), I solicited the best ideas from the best experts in all fields relating to the subject of our future and human potential. The result was "2012: Creating Your Own Shift." As soon as it was released on Amazon it was a best-seller, and it stayed #1 in 2 of its 3 categories for almost three weeks!

“The year 2012 brings curiosity and a touch of fear to all of our minds.
Unlike the Y2K fear, 2012 has been foretold in prophecy for thousands of years. What does it mean? Who will it affect? Is it the end? What will happen to us?

These are a few of the many questions 2012: Creating Your Own Shift
answers, or at least lays the foundations of the answers while giving you
additional resources to turn to for more in-depth study.
2012: Creating Your Own Shift is an anthology from some of the foremost minds regarding the 2012 phenomenon, the belief systems attached to it, and the modern quantum physics that support the underlying 2012 theories.

"2012: Creating Your Own Shift" helps you prepare for the coming entrance into the age of Aquarius and the alignment of 2012 that brings an end to existing polarities and paradigms while opening up a higher existence to those on earth.

"2012: Creating Your Own Shift" allows you to meet the coming of 2012 and the era it foretells without fear but with full knowledge beforehand of what you should expect and do to prepare. It is not a fatalistic survivors’ manual but a real handbook of spiritual preparations to purify your body and spirit for the days ahead. If you have any level of interest in the 2012 phenomenon, then 2012: Creating Your Own Shift should be on your bookshelf.” — Tracy Riva for the Midwest Book Review, February 2011