Mirror Mirror...Am I Beautiful

Religion & Spirituality

By Shelley Hitz

Publisher : Createspace

ABOUT Shelley Hitz

Shelley Hitz



Does the mirror define your beauty and who you are? Are you desperately striving for the world’s "perfect image" of outer beauty? Or have you given up trying, realizing you’ll never be "good enough?"

It’s time to look deeper, past the surface. It’s time to find your true beauty!

Get practical, real-life, biblical advice for the issues you deal with every day…

Body Image. Beauty. Fashion. Sex. Dating. Self Esteem. Relationships.

Will you dare to look deeper?

If you do, you will find that there is so much more. More than what your mirror has for you. More than what Hollywood and the media has for you. More than what any guy can give you.When you look deeper, you’ll find true satisfaction, true beauty and true intimacy waiting for you. Jesus is inviting you to take this journey with Him.

Will you accept?

"Shelley Hitz knows just what to say to today’s teens. She hits
on all the vital issues they deal with on a regular basis. She has
the answer to these issues and shares in such a personal way
that challenges one to examine their heart and do something
about it. We will definitely invite Shelley to speak to many
more teens about God’s love and forgiveness and how He is
the only One who can make a difference and change a life. I
have enjoyed getting to know her on a personal level. She is
genuine and has a deep desire to see others victorious in Him.
-- Debbi Witt, Co-Founder/Associate Director of Teen Quest