The Life and Times of Bubba Lee Boatbum

The Life and Times of Bubba Lee Boatbum

ABOUT Terry P. Rizzuti

Terry P. Rizzuti
I am a literaturist, best known for my novels The Second Tour: Soul Injury and Suffering Seacil: For Better or For Worse. Most of my work can be accessed through my website.


An adventure story about a chauvinist, yet lovable character who is hopelessly in love with his ex-wife. It is a wacky, fun-loving world where the narrator's viewpoints on women, war, politics, religion and sex are shared unabashedly. The setting is mostly the Gulf Coast region during the year leading up to and immediately preceding the 2004 U.S. Presidential Election.

The Life and Tmes of Bubba Lee Boatbum was co-written by email by two writers, one living in Arkansas and the other in Oklahoma (now Colorado). At the time we wrote the story, the 2004 presidential election campaigning between the camps of President George W. Bush and Senator John Kerry was hot, heavy and headed for its conclusion at full steam. We tried hard to capture the mood of at least half the country in this book.

Bubba is a mid-life, rite-of-passage novel that addresses contemporary 21st century society, largely through linguistic humor but also direct social dialog and commentary. The protagonist is a Naval military retiree running from a traumatic past toward a personal dream he is already living but fails to recognize. Other important themes include religion, politics and male chauvinism. 

In an era of emphasis on higher education and a culture-wide push toward an informed electorate, it is good to remember what was once a common understanding, that formal education is not the only route toward knowledge. Bubba Lee Boatbum is a life-smart common man who knows when to dodge the “guvmint” and where to read between the lines of the latest political spin. He manages to live a life of honor and camaraderie by applying common sense and experiential intelligence to life's often chaotic circumstances. Bubba shows us that a good heart and good intentions still count on the field of life's everyday battles.

So, the co-authors invite you to enter the wacky, fun-loving world of Bubba Lee Boatbum, whose viewpoints on women, war, politics, females, religion, sex and young girls are shared unabashedly with all who will listen. The setting is mostly the Gulf Coast area during the year leading up to and immediately preceding the 2004 Presidential Election.

Come meet the chauvinist, yet lovable Bubba, who is hopelessly in love with his ex-wife, Samantha, and find out whether his stumbling, amorous pursuits are successful.