Elemental: Abstract Art from Two Perspectives, Laura Wellner, Fred Wellner

Arts, Photography & Design

By Laura J. W. Ryan

Publisher : Field Stone Press

ABOUT Laura J. W. Ryan

Laura J. W. Ryan
I'm an artist, a writer, and I live in an old farmhouse on top of a windswept hill with my Fred, our son, four cats, and one dog named Max. I'm an independent author, my novels, Dusty Waters: A Ghost Story (2009) and The Fractured Hues of White Light (2010) are published by Field Stone Press.



Drawing on the raw energy of nature, the paintings glow with a spirit that is both powerful and instinctive. The artists present an intimate dialogue about inspiration and process.

This is our latest effort as Field Stone Press, my Fred and I put this little art book together for art lovers to enjoy, this is our "body of work" as artists from 2006-2011. Some people can't afford to buy the art, but love to have a book to take home and pour over pictures that they love; art books are special that way. This book is the result of many years of doing something we love, and in the immortal words of Joseph Campbell, "Follow your bliss..." and so we have. With deliberate intention we arranged the art on the pages without regard for chronological order. We thought it best to match compatible images and to offer the viewer a sense of wandering rather than marching through a garden. Random browsing is encouraged! Our personal commentary about each painting adds an intimate dimension to the book, and hopefully will not only explain what we do while painting, but will inspire a reader to want to make art...goodness knows, we could've laid aside our creativity because being stuck on survive in the day-to-day grind can certainly crush out anyone's spark.