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Derek Gunn



Intelligence Officer, Jack Lawson has to stop an elusive assassin from murdering the American President, but there's a Terminal Order out on him.

Identical twin boys are born to the wife of the Deputy American Ambassador to Palestine and her illicit lover, a local businessman and a high ranking Palestinian activist in 1963. The twins are separated at birth and unaware of each other’s existence…until now.  

Emil Hamad is reared in Palestine against the backdrop of the political unrest and is hell bent on restoring Palestine to its rightful owners. Jack Lawson is raised as the son of a prominent American Ambassador and chooses a career as a caretaker of American freedom and democracy.  Each would see himself as a patriot.

The American Ambassador to Ireland is murdered while retrieving his young daughter from a kidnapping in Dublin. The White House Chief of Staff is found dead in his private swimming pool. Intelligence from Iraq has identified a $20 million per head contract for the five architects of the political and economical systems in post-Hussein Iraq.  One of those architects is the President of the United States.  
GEMINI is a fast-paced espionage thriller about a race against time for Military Intelligence Officer Jack Lawson to stop the elusive assassin known as The Hangman from murdering the remaining three.  But now there’s a Terminal Order out on Lawson – DNA evidence places him at the scene of the kidnapping in Ireland.  The hunter becomes the hunted.  Lawson is on the run to catch The Hangman, prove his own innocence and stop the assassination of the President.