ABOUT Alfred Flatten

Alfred Flatten
Rev.Fred Flatten has been serving in pastoral ministry for twenty years. During that time he has served as pastor fourteen years in Wisconsin; five years in Virginia; and is currently the Director of Campus Care at the Wesleyan Center at Denton in Denton Maryland. He is also serving as Ass More...


Join Rev Fred in this exciting new journey of knowing God and growing as a disciple of Jesus Christ. Built on a strong scriptural foundation, In It For Life is a teaching tool that can be used by pastors and small group leaders alike to take seekers, believers, and followers through the discipleship process from beginning to end. Wherever you may find yourself along this journey now, by the time you finish this book, you too will be In It For Life!

What does it mean to be a growing follower of Jesus Christ? Finding the answer is a lifelong process. This book which is built upon a strong scriptural foundation is all about this journey from seeker to believer to a mature disciple living in the overflow of God's blessings.