Science Fiction & Fantasy, Mystery & Thrillers, General Fiction

By Benjamin Rogers

Publisher : Library of the Living Dead Press

ABOUT Benjamin Rogers

Benjamin Rogers
Author of Horror and Post Apocalyptic Science Fiction who lives in Hilliard, OH.


For eons, war has waged between Good and Evil in an everlasting battle for the souls of the human race. Interference became forbidden from either side to sway each of us in their direction. Unexplained happenings still occur to this day, making us wonder who is actually winning that eternal struggle. What happens when Satan gets tired of miracles and minor evil deeds? What happens when he decides the time is now for the final battle of right versus wrong? Or when he decides it's time to raise the stakes and form an army never before imagined to tip the scales in Evil's favor? Frank Payens roams the country in search of healing after many hard years of service in the Navy SEALS that left deep scars upon his soul. He finds The Home, a haven designed to help him cope with his past and facilitate his healing. A monastery of men and women that have dedicated their lives to the protection of freedoms and liberties. A group that has come together to heal and move forward in life. It doesn't take long for Frank to discover his new home isn't a run-of-the-mill monastery and that his life is going to take on new meaning as the war for souls has only just begun.
FAITH & THE UNDEAD by Benjamin Rogers is a weird trip
into the spiritual side of the world of zombies. Lots of
action, deep thought and two billion zombies. Highly
– Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of
The Dragon Factory and Patient Zero

A strong first effort full of passion that literally pours off its
pages. An enjoyable read for any fan of horror fiction.
– Eric S Brown, author of How the West Went to Hell and
Season of Rot

Satan makes his move and most of the world is unprepared.
Only one haven remains—The men and women of the
fortress known as 'The Home' and the city called 'New
Hope.' Can humanity triumph when all that remains is Faith
& the Undead? Fast-paced and full of action, Benjamin
Roger's first novel takes the war between Heaven and Hell
in a new direction!
– Stephen A. North, author of Dead Tide and Beneath the Mask