ABOUT Daisy Wright

Daisy Wright
This is me! An award-winning Certified Career Management Coach, speaker and author of the highly-acclaimed No Canadian Experience, Eh? A Career Success Guide for New Immigrants, the first-of-its kind career guide for internationally trained professionals. The second edition is available at More...


No Canadian Experience, Eh? is a handy companion for every professional immigrant thinking of moving to Canada or those who have already arrived and need guidance. It is a toolkit of career coaching techniques for anyone trying to understand what it takes to succeed in today’s competitive job market. This new edition not only re-introduces job search basics such as résumé and cover letter design, and how to prepare and master the interview, but includes contributions from top career experts on personal branding, social media, onboarding, green careers, leadership, practice firms, stress management, career assessments, self-employment, consulting and time management. It also contains advice  from recruiters and human resources professionals who understand what employers look for in potential employees.

Highly-trained Immigrants and newcomers to Canada find it difficult finding jobs in their fields. They are often met with "You don't have Canadian experience." This is a Catch-22 situation as they need a job to get the experience, and they need experience to get the job. This book gives them advice and strategies to articulate their international experience and other positive qualities to convince employers to hire them

"The book is an excellent resource tool...It covers everything from how to write a résumé, to job interviews, to Canadian workplace culture and the very real personal stories of newcomers...thank you for a well-researched and comprehensive guide."

Excerpts from a letter from Mr. Mike Colle, a former Minister of Citizenship & Immigration


“As Manager, Diversity Programs and Initiatives, who delivers diversity training at TD Bank, I am thrilled that “No Canadian Experience, Eh?” provides such in-depth insight and knowledge to employers and new talent to Canada. In a global economic environment, we need to “think outside the box” and embrace the experience and skills that our diverse talents bring to our respective organizations.


This book is an outstanding resource tool and thoroughly prepares our newcomers to take a pro-active and fresh look at addressing some of the employment barriers that they will face.” ~ Dauna Jones-Simmonds – Manager, Diversity Programs and Initiatives, TD Bank and Vice-Chair, Board of Directors for ACCES Employment


"This is one of the best renditions of both personal experiences and professional guidance that I have read since arriving in Canada, my new country of choice. It is a must read for all immigrants to navigate the waters before and after landing as it is illustrated in a very simple and understandable manner. Thank you Daisy for your hard work and effort in putting together this guide for newcomers to Canada." ~ Gautam Nath, Recent Immigrant and Future Citizen of Canada


"No Canadian Experience, Eh? is a must-read for new immigrants. I wish I had this book before coming to Canada."  ~ T. Small, Legal Assistant


"Let me congratulate you on your new book "No Canadian Experience, Eh?".  I was pleasantly surprised to see so much valuable information for a segment of the population that was largely ignored in regards to the job search."  ~ K. Makra, Sentor Media, Toronto


"My wife and I found several of your tips very easy to implement and which resulted in several positive responses in our respective job searches. I strongly believe that your tips and tactics for new immigrants to find work in Canada should reach a wider audience of new immigrants." ~ Jay Sagar, Engineer


I have to express my words of gratitude for the guidance provided in Daisy’s book “No Canadian Experience, eh?” This book is outstanding. It provides many valuable resources to people who plan to immigrate to Canada, and it allows newcomers to take a fresh look at the challenges they could face in immigrating, but also offers advice on how to overcome those challenges.”

~ Dr. Cheng, former University Professor in Taiwan


“Working with Daisy and taking advantage of the useful advice and information from her book No Canadian experience, eh?, helped my wife and me to understand the Canadian job market and how to make oneself stand out when job searching. It was, therefore, not by coincidence that after sending out my résumé, I got an immediate interview and that lead to a job offer before we left the UK. I owe Daisy a lot of thanks as she made moving to Canada for my wife and me a positive experience.” ~ Carlos A., Pre-Sales Engineer & Solutions Consultant


"This book is a very detailed and comprehensive guide offering strategies for creating a strong presence in the Canadian market for career alignment and self-promotion. I use it as a resource when advising internationally-trained professionals on how to get Canadian experience. Daisy brings her own experiences to the mix, making the book more authentic and credible." ~ Giuseppina Russo, Multicultural Branding Executive at the Executive Training Club and NAC Financial Group


"I am currently reviewing your book "No Canadian Experience, Eh?" as a class assignment in which I am training to become a Job Developer. Just when my frustration level was reaching fever pitch, brought on by the rigours of settling in Ontario as a newcomer to Canada, you have become a source of inspiration. I am identifying with so many of the things you have written. Thank you Daisy" ~ M.A. Williams