Flame from Within

Romance, Christian Books

By Shirley Kiger Connolly

Publisher : Vinspire Publishing

ABOUT Shirley Kiger Connolly

Shirley Kiger Connolly
Award winning author, Shirley Kiger Connolly, daughter of 1940s crime writer, CH KIGER, enjoys penning historical fiction romances. In her spare time, Shirley writes books filled with lighthearted reflections and is a line and content editor. She majored in English and Journalism, and is a More...



A journey across the sea begins a journey of healing for Amethyst's soul and a discovery of love and faith she thought she'd never find.

"...an incredibly well-written, easy to read, impossible to put down, chronicle of one lady's journey through the years of the Civil War. Kudos to the author, Ms Connolly" - The Romance Studio.

"Well-written, fast paced historical novel by a most talented author. The book was rich in historical detail" - The Road to Romance

"...engaging, well-written, and entertaining. The author's extensive research into the war between North and South shone through the entire story. The inspirational aspects were not overdone, but instead were threaded seamlessly throughout the story as it unfolded." Coffee Time Romance.