Secrets and Sacrifices


By Diane Wylie

Publisher : Vinspire Publishing

ABOUT Diane Wylie

Diane Wylie
Historical romance author, Diane Wylie, loves books that will take her on an emotional roller coaster ride. What better genre than romance to do that? She has always particularly loved historical romances for their dashing heroes and beautiful heroines.   Since watching Gone With the Win More...


The Confederate army is starving and badly in need of clothing. Add to that the mounting numbers of battle casualties, a lack of medical supplies, and army surgeon, Captain Daniel Reid, of the Twenty-Fifth Virginia, knows he has to take action, no matter the consequences.


Charlotte Garrett loses her husband and her identity when she takes on the guise of a Southern soldier. Learning to march, fight, and even spit like a man is to be expected. But what she doesn’t expect to find is a situation that leads her into the arms of a new man and into big, big trouble with the North and South!

Romantic Times Book Club
Rating: 4 1/2 stars
This heartfelt drama delivers tension, passion, hope and fear. The heroine begins in the guise of a boy but grows into a passionate, caring woman who meets her soul mate after losing her husband. The research is meticulous, and a grand cast of characters leaps off the page. This is one for the keeper shelf.
Summary: Charlotte "Charlie" Garrett follows her husband into battle for the South. After Josh is killed, she continues as a sharpshooter, becoming a better shot than many of the men. One evening she finds a private place to bathe and is discovered and attacked. Captain Daniel Reid, a Confederate doctor, uncovers her disguise when he rescues her.

This chance meeting connects the lives of not only Daniel and Charlie but also of their families. He smuggles drugs and supplies from the North and she's involved in the Underground Railroad. There are renewed requests to re-enlist in the conflict and betrayal from someone unexpected.

—Donna M. Brown

"A reader must first point out their immediate interests...opening the first page of Secrets and Sacrifices, I was open-minded, but not sure if this was going to be a satisfying piece for me. Boy was I wrong. The historical Civil War accuracies! The stubborn, yet heroic for love, Charlotte "Charlie" Garret! The fascinating story, tugging on the reader's emotional strings like a puppet-master, that rips love from Charlie's soul and then brings it back via an unexpected Confederate surgeon, named Captain Daniel Reid.

Secrets and Sacrifices unfolds with Charlie disguising herself as a man to fight in the Civil War. She wants to be near her husband, Joshua. When he dies, she takes up a reckless abandon and uncaring attitude, seeking revenge as a sharpshooter in the 25th Virginia. A terribly unfortunate rape attempt turns into something more. It leads Charlie to a new love, growing a fond relationship with the surgeon. They share some comforting moments amidst the horror-filled results of Civil War battle.

This is a dazzling romance novel, with incredible characters and detail. It teaches that no matter how heart-breaking a turn in life is, with bitter sweet memories, there can always be hope and better days ahead!"

4 Pearls

Reagan Rothe, Author of Misanthropy: Book I: The Tower, Creator of
Black Rose Writing


CK2S Kwips and Kritiques


Rating: 5 Shamrocks


Since her stunning award winning debut novel  MY ENEMY, MY LOVE [reprinted as JENNY'S PASSION], this author has impressed me with her richly detailed emotional storytelling talent.  She has taken the Civil War, thoroughly researched her facts of battles, conditions and written powerfully complex characters interacting in a powerful tableau to engage the readers emotions.  With  Charlie you are introduced to a  marvelous unforgettable heroine, where the author has the reader feeling her abject grief as she holds the lifeless body of her beloved husband, then details her struggle back to living and finding love once more with the wonderfully honorable and stalwart Dr. Reid and the sacrifices they would make to be together.  Woven throughout Wylie describes it all including the blood,  the gore, and the shameful inhuman treatment that was faced by all in one of the costliest  wars of human suffering and death of  one of the most horrific times in the history of America.


This is a stunning and powerful read that I most highly recommend from an author who displays a rare talent and leaves you wanting more.


Rating: 5 Angels
Diane M. Wylie’s debut novel, My Enemy, My Love [reprinted as JENNY'S PASSION] was a runaway success. Once again, this author’s solid research and talent for creating a believable, heart-warming romantic tale will transport her many fans back to the foundation of America’s unique spirit in Secrets and Sacrifices. In the name of love, a young woman fought for her country, but the pain and passion of Charlie’s journey will change many lives.
Reviewed by Naomi

Diane Wylie is definitely a new author that is headed to the top!
I became an instant fan after reading her first book, ‘My Enemy, My Love’ [reprinted as JENNY'S PASSION], and have anxiously waited for more.

Secrets and Sacrifices’, her second book, is just as powerful and entertaining as her first.  From the beginning, I couldn’t stop reading until I finished the entire book.

Charlotte ‘Charlie’ Garrett, the heroine, is a gutsy, dare-taking, and determined woman who puts others welfare before her own. She dangerously fights side by side with the soldiers, never once complaining. Her dedication and loyalty to the men she loves motivates her beyond what most women of the period could tolerate. She discovers how difficult and unfair life can be, but it can also unexpectedly give her a second chance, especially with love in the arms of one Captain Daniel Reid.  

Diane has a way of instantly connecting the reader to her characters. Her Civil War historical romances are filled with adventure, hardship, and love.  She has a magical way of entwining her main characters with the secondary ones, to create a fascinating plot. Diane breathes life into her unforgettable characters and weaves the stories in a refreshing way that totally grabs and sucks you into the worlds she creates. I always feel as if I’m watching a movie while reading Diane’s books. Her love scenes are tender and spicy, filled with deep emotions, while her descriptive writing style hurls the reader right into the action of the Civil War.

I would love for Diane Wylie to continue this series with her previous secondary characters. Daniel’s brother and sister, Brad and Nora, and Daniel’s friend, Major Will Mattingly, definitely need their own love story.  

Reviewed by Deborah A. Hymon, from Historical Passions


Coffee Time Romance

Rating: 5 Cups

Ms. Wylie has crafted an amazing novel set during the worst time in United States history. She sweeps you into the battlefields right along with the characters. What stands out about this story is that it is not a fluffy romance novel. It makes you feel the raw emotions of the struggles and sacrifices of the characters. SECRETS AND SACRIFICES is a stunning novel of bravery, hope, and love.

Reviewed by Bonnie-Lass

Fallen Angels Reviews
Rating: 4 Angels
Secrets and Sacrifices by Diane Wylie is a book that every reader needs to read because of its action, portrayal of innocence taken, and a war that separates so many people be they friends or couples. Not only does the story touch on these ideas, but Diane Wylie does a superb job bringing the history to life with rich dialogue and scenes that seem so real to this reviewer. What readers will discover above all is love that surpasses everything, including a war. Although the book is a historical there are scenes that are somewhat gruesome, realistic, and unimaginable yet they must be read to understand what goes on within the plot and really appreciate it for what it’s worth, a memorable book that will touch any reviewer.

Reviewed by: Lena C.

Fresh Fiction


SECRETS AND SACRIFICES is Wylie's second historical novel. Like her first, My ENEMY, MY LOVE [reprinted as JENNY'S PASSION], Wylie expertly brings the reader back in time as she weaves the perfect web of history, lust, and intrigue. Her attention to detail as well as the accurate depiction of the Civil War enables Wylie to draw the reader in and keeps the reader coming back for more. An absolute must-read! SECRETS AND SACRIFICES is a sure winner.


Reviewed by: Jennifer Vido

The Romance Studio
Rating: 5 hearts
...Readers will be fascinated by the strength that is demonstrated by the character of Charlie. Charlie fights to do the right thing and protect love ones. When Joshua dies the sadness threatens to overwhelm Charlie. When Charlie finds a reason to go on readers will cheer the effort it takes. Each emotion demonstrated is effective and conveyed strongly to the readers

...Secrets and Sacrifices by Diane Wylie is a creative and wonderfully accurate depiction of the Civil War. Readers will find themselves drawn into the story from the very beginning. This is a story readers will remember and return to read again. I highly recommend it to the readers that enjoy historical romance. 

Sensuality rating: Very sensual

January 11, 2007


Rating: 5 roses

Charlotte Garrett, known as Charlie by her family and friends, disguised herself as a boy to join the Confederate Army.  Charlie followed her husband, Joshua, to war since she could not bear life without him.  She was trained as a sharpshooter.  Charlie had never shot a man before, but she knows this war is about to change everything.  Her life will never be the same.

Captain Daniel Reid is a surgeon for the Confederate Army.  All Daniel wants to do is ease the pain and suffering this war has caused.  Another comrade named Clarence comes to Daniel for help.  A young boy in his unit has suffered the loss of a loved one in the war and seems to be taking it very hard.  Daniel is drawn to Charlie immediately.  He will be shocked when he discovers Charlie’s secret.


Ms. Wylie has written a wonderful story filled with emotion.  As you read this book you will feel like you are reliving life in the south during the Civil War.  The emotions that both the Confederates and the Yankees must have felt during the war are described in perfect detail.  As you read about the pain and suffering endured you will discover that many secrets and sacrifices were made on both sides.  This book will show you that even though the pain and heartache seems more then anyone should have to endure, love can help you to overcome tragedy and become whole again.  This book is a keeper.

Reviewed by Sherry

4 and a half roses


Charlie has a secret; she has followed her husband into battle. She has learned to be a solider alongside her husband. Because of her skills she has become a sharpshooter...


Captain Daniel Reid is sick of the war, sick of the dying, sick of not having enough medicine to help the wounded...


Enjoyable book. The characters are strong, likable. Charlie had strong beliefs; she also questioned them, which made her grow as the story progressed. Daniel was a true gentleman; he didn’t force himself on Charlie in any way.


Reviewed in October 2006 by Pat.