Thirty Days Late


By Dawn Carrington

Publisher : Vinspire Publishing

ABOUT Dawn Carrington

Dawn Carrington
Dawn Carrington is a multi-published author who resides in South Carolina. Also the editor-in-chief of Vinspire Publishing, she is an editor, a business consultant, and a public speaker.



Grace Austen is struggling to support her ten-year-old brother and keep up the payments on the family farm during the Depression. When she unwittingly saves the life of the man sent to repossess the farm, she's determined to convince him to change his mind and he's just as determined to let her.

Nathaniel Sampson knows he should turn and run the second he realizes where the car accident has left him, but soon, he finds himself drawn to Grace and her precocious brother. Before he even realizes what’s hit him, he wants to save the farm as much as Grace does. Now, convincing the board of directors at the bank will be a different story altogether.

A delightful romance that gives the reader the sense of innocence during that time period. -- Coffeetime Romances, October 2004

Ms. Carrington does an exceptional job creating a solid novel. Thirty Days Late is a timeless historical romance that I truly took pleasure in reading. I -- Coffeetime Romance

This is a sweet story that makes you feel for the characters by either aching for them, laughing with them or clenching your fists at them. -- Fallen Angel Reviews