Second Book of the Gastar Series: Children of Discord


C.C. Cole
I am a writer of dark fantasy from rural Mississippi, currently living a suburban life with my family.  "Act of Redemption" is the first of the four-part "Gastar Series," published in 2009.  The second of the series, "Children of Discord" is upcoming in the  More...


In the second of the four-part series of novellas, teen assassin Shevata re-enters the city of Gastar two centuries later, seeking the evil boy Goldeon as he plots destruction of the city.  The clash of the dangerous kids from the past affect the entire city, placing the people in danger.  Shevata also reflects back on her past actions and decisions and takes steps to re-claim her own humanity. Kindle, ebook versions to follow.

In the 2nd of the series of 4 novellas, fierce teen assassin Shevata returns to her home city of Gastar 2 centuries following the end of the prequel "Act of Redemption." Not only does she seek to settle her old score with the evil boy Goldeon, she reflects on her past actions and takes steps to regain her own humanity with a dramatic ending.