Butler Did It!

Romance, Mystery & Thrillers, General Fiction

By Sally Pomeroy

Publisher : Keith and Sally Pomeroy

ABOUT Sally Pomeroy

Sally Pomeroy
Sally Pomeroy is the public face of Sally and Keith Pomeroy, authors of Butler Did It!  They live in the wilds of North America, in a place pretty much at the opposite end of the globe from the Seychelles.  Both are hard at work on Matthew Butler’s next adventure due out in the near fu More...



When a beautiful photographer scuba diving in the Seychelles saves a drowning man, she discovers that someone is trying to kill both of them. A chance rescue by unlikely hero Matthew Butler, his sidekick Tommy Cooper, and the zany crew of the converted LST, the Pelican, suddenly thrusts them into conflict with a murderous band of gunrunners attempting to foment a revolution. 

When Keith and Sally Pomeroy set out to write this book they wanted to write something with lots of action, lots of adventure, and lots of comedy. It turned out to be like your favorite buddy movie, a fun romp with quirky, improbable but enjoyable characters.

Review by: Darrell Brown on Mar. 06, 2011 : star star star star 
The co-writing team of Keith and Sally Pomeroy are off to a flying start, and so will be the reader. The action begins early and at times you'll want to warn the characters of the danger that they are in like you do during any great suspense movie. The exotic locales and the action are interspersed with comedy and romance that makes for a perfect summer read. Butler and his team of characters and misfits are comfortable, but not too familiar. Add in a coelcanth, arms dealings, high-tech hijinks, and treasure, and you have a book that grows on you until you forsake responsibility and just finish it. I liked the action setpieces, of which there are many and unpredictable ones, but the quiet moments are welcome, as well. The writing team has a lot of characters to juggle and keeps each one fresh, funny, and villainous. Butler seems like a guy you would want to be or want to know, and the way his world unfolds before Katherine makes you want to be her, too. The authors, in their introduction, sound like they are apologizing for the implausibility of the book, but nothing is so farfetched that characterization can't cure, and they have some protagonists that have plenty of life left in them. I look forward to the next adventure. This one has the best elements of The Deep, The Poseidon Adventure, Doc Savage, and Indiana Jones, but it is also on its own road, and I want to take that road again.