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Rev Paula J Behrens
Reverend Paula J Behrens is a Christian Author and pastor. She is a full membership Elder in the Texas Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church, Ordained in 2007.   She graduated from Houston Baptist University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Christianity and English and acquir More...


Inspirational messages designed to help us to see God in everyday life, including: Finding community, Receiving boldness, Success in relationships, Overcoming worry and Finding peace.  In this book the author shares her journey from unbelief to belief in hopes that the reader might be blessed, as she has been blessed.

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Walking In The Light is a wonderful collection of 24 devotional message by the author, Rev. Paula Behrens, which are sure to touch the heart of anyone seeking a closer relationship with their Creator. Rev. Behrens, or "Pastor Paula" as she is affectionately known by her congregation, has framed each message with a rare perspective that is just as unique as the beautiful, historic church she serves. The insights that Pastor Paula shares come from the heart of one who has struggled with the allure of the predominant value system of our culture, the pursuit of the American Dream, and was left found wanting. Having attained everything from within the physical world that could possibly sustain her by mid-life, she discovered a gaping void in her soul that nothing seemed to satisfy. It was only then that her focus was drawn away from the false priorities and concerns of this world to the great hope and eternal promises of the world beyond. Each message contained in this book reflect both the trials and the triumphs encountered in the journey of faith that Pastor Paula committed herself to after half a lifetime of trying to achieve purpose for her life on her own. In essence, she speaks of a malady that we all struggle with - the human condition. She expounds the cure for our frailties through these biblically-based messages centered on the only thing that can save us from ourselves - Christ, and Christ alone. Pastor Paula employs a generous dose of humor and transparency of her own life-struggles as she illustrates the central theme found in each Scripture passage addressed. These 24 messages span a variety of topics that speak to our daily lives and will be a blessing benefiting everyone who reads them. They have certainly already proven to be a great blessing to me.