Writings by Gordon Solie

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Robert Allyn became Gordon Solie's son-in-law in 1971 when he wed Pamela Sjoblom. For the next thirty years, he was active in outside sales and sales management.  Along the way, he served for ten years on community athletic boards and coached youth soccer for 18 years.  In 2005, Robert More...



“Writings by Gordon Solie,” a selection of personal short stories and prose penned by the legendary broadcaster has now been introduced on the Amazon Kindle Store.

Gordon Solie demonstrated his mastery of words as an award winning broadcaster in both radio and television in addition to stellar performances at live sporting events. Hailed as the greatest commentator during the "Golden Age of Wrestling," and the best ever by many, Solie wooed millions of television viewers with his unique vocabulary and eloquent play-by-play coverage. 

Along with his prowess at the microphone, Solie was an accomplished journalist, constantly writing newspaper columns, promotional pieces for auto racing and wrestling along with bios for famous athletes.

"Writings by Gordon Solie” spans topics such as: stories from the road when he traveled with a dare-devil thrill show; divorce; his involvement with stock car racing; his experiences with professional wrestling that led to his induction into the WWE, WCW and NWA Hall of Fame; a robbery in a parking lot; death, lines on human faces; aging; victory; champions; hope and a plethora of other subjects.

In the 1970s, Solie wrote "One Week from Rome" which depicts how America can be destroyed from within. Later, Solie penned "A Fairy Tale" which parallels the demise of America's most prominent wrestling promotions. 

During the late 1960s and early 1970s, Gordon Solie became a regional icon as host of Florida's number one television program, "Championship Wrestling from Florida (CWF)," a show which was syndicated in markets up and down the US Eastern seaboard. By the late 1970s, Gordon Solie was seen worldwide via satellite as host of the top rated show on WTBS, "Georgia Championship Wrestling (GCW)." In the early 1980s, Gordon Solie had an estimated viewing audience of over twelve million viewers a week including the Florida and Georgia programs. 

Along the way, Solie crossed paths with some of the greatest legends to ever grace the mats, athletes like Lou Thesz, Gorgeous George; Buddy Rogers; Bruno Sammartino; Hulk Hogan; Ric Flair; Antonio Rocca; Freddie Blassie; El Santo; Terry and Dory Funk; Dusty Rhodes; Andre the Giant; Verne Gagne; Ted DiBiase; Jerry Lawler; Antonio Inoki; Giant Baba; Roddy Piper; Bob Backlund; Johnny Valentine; Harley Race; Jack Brisco; Sting; Jushin Liger; Mick Foley; "Macho Man" Randy Savage and countless others.

Known as an innovative man, Gordon Solie was the first to bring a Grand National NASCAR race to Tampa, the first to bring Figure-8 racing to Florida, the first wrestling announcer to be seen worldwide, the first non-wrestler to do the "Hotseat Interview" and the first non-wrestler inducted into the WCW Hall of Fame.

Dubbed by "Entertainment Tonight" as the "Walter Cronkite of Wrestling" and as "The Dean of Professional Wrestling Announcers" by the industry, Solie earned a spot among
America's elite broadcasters.