General Fiction

By Cosha Hayes

Publisher : Bran Nue Productions


ABOUT Cosha Hayes

Cosha Hayes
I am a native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  I was inspired to write through a gift I received on Mothers Day.  I am a mother and entreprenuer and I love to meet new people.



Gabrielle thought she found the perfect guy in Tre' Johnson.
He was all she ever wanted in a man. He was handsome, romantic, and he swept
her right off her feet.  Her dreams had
finally come true.  Her fairy tale
relationship/marriage was suddenly about to come to a devastating end.
Gabrielle soon realizes that the man she married and who fathered her only son was
suddenly becoming someone she didn’t know. The lies, cheating, sneaking around
and his odd behavior was making her regret her not so perfect married life. Was
Tre’ getting tired of the married life or was he just showing her the person he
really was all along.  Gabrielle's
discovery of the person she married was mindboggling.  She realized that from the beginning who she
thought of Tre’ Johnson was only a Misconception.

This story shows just how easy one can get drawn to a person
based on the representative they present in the beginning.  Sometimes we love so hard only to figure out
who we love has a side to them we never knew. 
Author C. Hayes shows how Gabrielle fell in love with her dream man, how
through all the different women and deceit she found the strength and courage
to leave, and how she let her heart love again. 
It makes you really question if you ever really know a person.
Misconceptions are real.

Misconceptions about people and things are real.