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Apple's popular iPad is more than an electronic plaything. The tablet computer is becoming a crucial business and productivity tool for individuals and organizations everywhere. With the power of a lower-end laptop and a smartphone's ease of use, not to mention thousands of third-party apps, the iPad can do real work. This book shows how the iPad Means Business.


This book documents how the iPad is finding its place anywhere people need to be productive.


The iPad has become a boon for individual workers in a range of professions. Such people are ditching their bulky laptops and using their ultraportable tablets for productivity, online access and work-related communications.


The iPad also is being embraced by companies of all sizes. These are finding innovative uses for the tablet in office suites, on factory floors and in the field. They are deploying the tablet by the dozens, hundreds -- even thousands.


The iPad is invading the classroom, too. Educational institutions are outfitting their students with tablets and figuring out how to use the gadgets in their coursework. At universities and at K-12 schools, an iPad push is under way.


iPad Means Business tells the stories of tablet-wielding workers, companies, students and teachers around the world. As a business book, it offers inspiration for anyone, at any level in business or education, who wants to become truly productive on the iPad.


As a how-to guide, "iPad Means Business" provides concrete advice on the best work-related apps, accessories and procedures, along with a road map to the best iPad resources. This is an essential starting point for workers wanting to get the most out of their iPads.


As a bonus, "iPad Means Business" offers the thoughts of several iPad experts. Readers will get glean wisdom from blogger and productivity advisor Patrick Rhone; technology and new-media consultant Scott Bourne; and technology marketer and former Apple executive Mike Evangelist.


This book is an essential read for anyone wanting to learn why the iPad Means Business.

“If you think the iPad exists just to make its owners look cool, read this book. You’ll see the iPad in action within businesses of all kinds, and get ideas of how to use it in your business.”

Natali Morris, CNET TV tech-news anchor and CBS News technology correspondent

“Trying to get your boss to buy you an iPad? Show him or her this book. It’s jam-packed with case studies that prove the iPad is much more than a tablet o’ fun (it’s that, too).”

Jon Gordon, mobile-technology and social-media editor, Minnesota Public Radio

“If anyone knows how the iPad can work for business, it’s Julio. When I need info about the latest technologies, or what gadgets to buy, I turn to JOZ. You should, too. Read this book.”

Peter Shankman, angel investor, corporate consultant, serial entrepreneur and founder of Help A Reporter Out