Apply Wisdom to Life's Circumstances

ABOUT Pastor Bobby Keating

Pastor Bobby Keating
I am an Evangelist, author, prison minister, addiction counselor and avid student of the Holy Scripture. When I am not speaking about the Gospel, I am writing about it


Apply Wisdom to Life's Circumstances is a guide to applying the wisdom found in the book of Proverbs to situations and circumstances which we face on a daily bases. The Proverbs are as alive and relevant today as they were when they were written. Topics covered are relationships, finances, parenting, communication skills, business planning and more. 

Pastors are always approached for help with minor and major problem, which is as it should be. Early in my ministry I began to notice a pattern in the problems which seem to vex so very many believers (and non-believers as well.) I discovered that the majority of solutions could be found in The Proverbs. This prompted me to begin a deeper study and to write these books.