ETA-Estimated Time of Arrest

Romance, Mystery & Thrillers, General Fiction

By Delphine Pontvieux

Publisher : Miss Nyet Publishing, LLC

ETA-Estimated Time of Arrest

ABOUT Delphine Pontvieux

Delphine Pontvieux
Delphine Pontvieux was born in Versailles and grew up in France. She graduated from the University of Burgundy in Dijon. She also lived, studied and worked in Australia, the USA, Spain and the Netherlands until she moved to Chicago, Illinois, in 1998, where she still lives today. She has 1 More...



After participating in a pro-separatist march that turned violent in January of 1992, 21-year-old Lorenzo Lartaun Izcoa is wrongly charged with the fatal bombing of a police station in his home town. Irun is a small city located in the heart of the Basque country, trapped between France and Spain, and struggling for independence. Lartaun finds himself on the Spanish Secret Service’s “most wanted” list, branded an active member of the Basque terrorist group ETA.

He has no choice but to flee his country.

Two years later, Lartaun’s childhood friend bursts back into his life. In exchange for a “small favor,” he offers him a passport and the chance to return to Europe under a new identity. Lartaun seizes the opportunity.


Back in Europe, hiding away in a commune in the French Pyrenees Mountains, Lartaun meets Faustine, a young French environmentalist. As their relationship renews his belief in a future worth fighting for, Lartaun realizes, albeit too late, that the favor he owes his friend is not so “small” after all.


No matter our past or actions, we are all viable candidates for redemption.

“They say that a debut author should write about what they know and Delphine Pontvieux has done just that. She obviously knows a great deal about rock climbing and the Basque country, and her knowledge shines through as the Pyrenees mountains and climbing them forms an integral part of this fascinating and exciting political thriller based upon the activities of the Separatist Group ETA. The story of their inception and rise without any bias on either side was handled very sensitively. (...) This isn't just a tale of political terrorists, it is an absorbing thriller showing different sides of people's characters and of how they come to terms with the consequences of their actions, of romance, all the while with a backdrop of the beautiful mountainous scenery which is wonderfully described throughout. (...) The storyline {is} strong and the characters were all well-defined with fascinating back stories. My Rating: 8.5/10”---Carol’s book corner “A beloved homeland, mountainous landscapes, devotion, action, love, celebration, friendship, music, commitment, vengeance, dignity, and desire for freedom and independence all turn out to be explosive ingredients when mixed together and left to simmer in the pressure cooker known as the Basque Country. Also called Euskal Herria, it is a place that spans the south of France and the north of Spain. It is the country of the Basque people, those who speak Euskara, the Basque language.Delphine Pontvieux is a connoisseur of the essential ingredients that comprised the Basque Country in the ‘80s and ‘90s. If we add her to the mix as “etxekoandre,” or Executive Chef, the recipe becomes perfect, stewing over her creative flame. She brings Estimated Time of Arrest to a mouthwatering emotional flavor, serving a complex dish of literary mastery.”---Fermin Muguruza ( Critically acclaimed Basque radical musician, singer, songwriter and award-winning film director whose artistic career spans well over two decades.)"ETA is not just another shoot'em up story line. (..) It keeps you captivated till the very end. Brilliant book!"---IJUSTFINISHED.COM"A sharp, fast-moving, intelligent novel that is equal parts thriller and romance...explosive adventure that signals the debut of an impressive new talent in Pontvieux. {...} As good as (if not better than) any thriller on the mainstream market, ETA is, appropriately, full of twists and turns, but it never loses sight of the human element that makes works of fiction so compelling. It is that rare gem of a suspense novel that serves not only as a page-turner, but also as a hopeful reminder that for all of our flaws and crimes, we are all viable candidates for redemption."---small press review"This is a genre project through and through, and you will need to be an existing fan of people like John LeCarre to have even a chance of enjoying ETA; but as far as that's concerned, this is definitely on the high end of the quality scale for that genre, a quickly-paced page-turner that I imagine most fans of political thrillers will find themselves flying through. What a great week it always is when I get a chance to stumble across a book like this, one that far exceeds both my expectations and its publishing circumstances. It comes highly recommended today to those who are fans of such work. Out of 10: 8.9, or 9.4 for fans of political thrillers."---Chicago Center for Literature and Photography"We should all read more fiction, especially stories told as well as this one. Author Delphine Pontieux has written good fiction in this novel. Her story about Lartaun Izcoa is a window into the world of the E.T.A. Basque militants. It’s a real page-turner. "---Astero magazine"Estimated Time of Arrest is a fast-paced action thriller, combining politics, romance, and the best of police dramas into one superb tale."---Buber magazine