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By Nyerere Jase

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Nyerere Jase
I need everyone to know who I am. I am Author Nyerere Jase from Cali Connect, a conglomerate of authors, writers, and publishers with the aim of promoting, education, and distributing literature. I would love to hear from interesting people who love to read, write, and socialize about posi More...



Betrayal...Revenge...Death... GANGSTA JAKE: The End Result of a Snitch tells the heart throbbing story of how a hardcore gang member from South Central Los Angeles went from being freed off Death Row to becoming one of the most notorious serial killers the LAPD has ever sought. After tasting freedom, Gansta Jake puts into action his plan to murder, each and every snitch that put him and his partners behind bars. An oath made to his fellow Death Row buddies transforms Gangsta Jake into a cold blooded, execution style, murderer that has no remorse for his prey.

I wrote this book for two reasons. First, to avoid becoming the main character in real life. This book was therapeutic in a since, being that someone took the stand against me and I wanted him bad. In stead of taking the chance to get myself caught up I decided to write a book about what I would love to do snitches instead. My second reason, was I really became board with reading a lot of other books that made me sleepy.

                Author T R NairnOkay... So I've finished the first book and it was HOTT! I got's to know about crazy mike... you left me hang'n... GREAT BOOK NY!!

Myeisha Zerotolerance Williams

That's right people, it is definitely a page turner....I read the book in two days.....and it took me todays becuz I had to do my school work.....good book, definitely something to talk about.....

              Twenty-First Street Urban Editing
  • Just finished "Gangsta Jake" author Nyerere Jase . This is a must read for those of you who enjoy street lit. The West coast is really stepping up their game and trying to take over the literary game!· 
  • Twenty-First Street Urban Editing
    Can't stop reading "Gangsta Jake" by Nyerere Jase FB friends, if you want a good gangsta story, check this West Coast author out, you won't be disappointed...The West coast really is coming up...