Do Less. Do it Better. Making a 21st Century Curriculum Work in Schools

Education & Textbooks

By Jenny Pope And Kirsty Gillon

Publisher : Hatbox Publishing

ABOUT Jenny Pope And Kirsty Gillon

Jenny Pope and Kirsty Gillon
Jenny is a high school teacher, teacher leader of professional development, currently studying her doctorate on teacher leadershipKirsty is a high school teacher, teacher leader of professional development currently studying her Masters on inquiry learning in the classroom.



A must-have manual for the 21st century teacher, jam-packed with ideas, templates and practical suggestions for teaching in the 21st century.

We are two successful high school teachers who decided to write everything that we know about teaching. We filtered our classroom experiences through the lens of an exciting new 21st century curriculum. Filled with practical tips, templates, recent research into brain-friendly teaching, and imbued with a fun sense of humor, this very readable book took 18 months to write. The result has been success beyond anything we originally contemplated. This is the book the high school teachers have been waiting for...

 *“Not only a practical and useful book but a hilarious read as well”
 Cindy Wynn, HOD Science, Western Springs College

 *“With so many features, this is a must have book for any first year teacher”*
 Cheryl Harvey, Beginning Teacher Facilitator, Team Solutions

*“'Do Less. Do it Better' , a fabulous book packed with everything you  need to know about teaching the new curriculum. I'm a first year teacher and I can't recommend it highly enough"*
English Online Forum

 *“May I please order more copies of your book.  The previous ones have been paid the ultimate compliment of “vanishing” from the library in our staffroom.  Thanks again for a terrifically valuable book.”
Jim Kenny,  Onehunga High School*

Do Less. Do it Better* is now on the* required reading list *at the University of Auckland’s College of Education