Einstein's Road Trip - Winslow to Thibodaux and Beyond

ABOUT George Brinner

George Brinner

 I paint pictures with orange skies and purple trees and write stories that explore the recesses of their character's minds-in a casual way. I also own a little bar called Kahale Beach Club in Kihei on the southern coast of Maui where I can take refreshment and watch the whales  More...


Magical Realism, Mystery, and Murder - Reality becomes more tenuous after an artist meets Albert Einstein on Arizona's high desert plateau.

Maui artist, Gilles Barker, his Hopi Indian cab driver, and an illusory Albert Einstein are chased by a psychotic killer and his drug dealing boss across the deserts and bayous from Winslow Arizona to New Orleans’ French Quarter in quest of lost love and a satchel’s mysterious contents.

As Gilles leaps from present to past and into the future, his sanity comes into question. Are his strange encounters and selective omniscience only in his imagination and dreams? Maybe so; Gilles has grappled with these questions for thirty years, since two nights before his eighth Christmas, when a visitor from the planet Zargon walked through his bedroom wall and told him of the true reason for life, why there are dogs and cats and fish in the sea, and that fate is his only guide.

Numerous revisions have been made since Einstein's Road Trip was on the finalists list of the  Faulkner/Wisdom Creative Writing Competition. It is one of two completed novels in a series of three.

Offbeat magical realism, a character driven literary fiction/ urban fantasy, Road Trip is complete at 88,600 words.
"I have a theory. I believe the author's long sojourn on Maui has enabled him to escape the realities of life that most of us face each day and thus write a startling and compelling novel where reality is at best, ethereal. Einstein's Road Trip is astonishingly vibrant."

"addictive. A surreal journey by a likeable eccentric that gets more colorful with every chapter. It has everything, zero fields, aliens, mystery, witchery----. Magic must be in the air at the Maui shore, where the author weaves the fates of these enigmatic characters."  Ashen Venema - Author Course of Mirrors

"a treasure. Is this guy nuts or is something really going on here? Each character has a story worth telling. Yet it is the wacky stream-of-consciousness ramblings of the narration that puts Einstein's Road Trip over the top." PD Allen - Author Murderer's Sky

"beautifully humorous. Inevitably, parallels will be drawn with this and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, but Einstein's Road Trip is much more than that." Nicholas Boving - Author The Warlock