Don't Look Before You Leap

ABOUT David Webb

David Webb
Born in 1962, I traveled around the country as an Army brat. After surviving almost 1502 trips in the family station wagon sandwiched between his brothers, I attended the U.S. Air Force Academy, received an MBA from Louisiana Tech and presently flies for a major airline. I live near Readi More...



Join David as he campaigns for the Office of the President of the United States, survives outdoor adventures with his slightly eccentric brother Andy and defends the Earth against hordes of insects. You will receive answers to questions like: Why are people afraid of heights? Can junk food be the entire part of a healthy diet? How to get hired by a major airline? As an added bonus learn the five theorems of car ownership, full-proof advice on how to get rich and why you may NOT want to convert a vehicle to run on vegetable oil.

Table of Contents:

1. Coming Clean
2. Junk Food
3. Rescue?
4. I vs Eye
5. The Dress
6. Working Out
7. Dumber and Dumbest
8. Cars
9. Don't Look Before You Leap
10. Eat Your Vegetable Oil
11. Bugs
12. Hemen
13. Getting Rich

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I had to write a lot of these stories down or all of the funny, stupid and painful events might be forgotten. My family shouldn't forget this stuff, but you can enjoy it as well.

"I loved this book! Though in years you are a wee bit younger than I, a lot of the tales would fit into my family (except Andy). I would read (sic) this book before going to sleep and it always left me feeling happy. Remembering things that happened in the "old days" was fun.
I can't wait to read your next book."

"I enjoyed reading this honest, witty series of short stories based on the author's life. The language and style were very easy to get caught up in, and each story was just long enough to pick up and take a short break throughout the day, chuckling about the exploits of the author and his brothers. The humor is light-hearted, relate-able, and good, clean fun."

"David Webb writes in an engaging and witty style, telling stories of growing up in a military family with two brothers to Air Force Academy days to vacations with his now grown up brothers. Oh, did I tell you he is also running for President and wants to get confession time out of the way first so he describes the “Burpee Seed” scandal to let his readers know what his opponents will be using in the campaign against him. He also lists several other escapades but, in a true politicians’ style, will deny any knowledge of these activities tomorrow. The conversion of a diesel truck to run on vegetable oil is a hilarious chapter and you’ll learn why you never want to do this. And David’s words of wisdom on car ownership are worth the price of the book."

"Excellent Read"

"Amusing biography and tales of brotherhood woe"