eBoot Camp: Provent Internet Marketing Techniques to Grow Your Business

Computers & Internet

By Corey Perlman

Publisher : Wiley

ABOUT Corey Perlman

Corey Perlman
Corey Perlman is the President of eBoot Camp, Inc., an education company that provides people with the knowledge and skills to effectively market their business on the Web. Through interactive books, seminars and workshops, Corey quickly transforms business owners, entrepreneurs and compan More...


eBoot Camp gives you the tools to garner the online attention your business needs to thrive. Using a combination of search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, keywords, blogs, e-newsletters, press releases, and other tools, the book shows you how to maximize your online exposure and bring in new customers in droves. Best of all, you can do it all yourself in just a few hours a week, without the hassle or expense of hiring a professional Internet marketer.

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“Good tools, good book, good reading!”
— Michael Gerber
     New York Times Best Selling Author, The E-Myth Revisited

“Do you want to ignite your sales and drastically increase profits through the Internet? This is the first book that gives practical, easy-to-follow action steps proven to increase traffic to your Website. You’ll think Corey Perlman wrote eBoot Camp just for you.”
— Sharon Lechter
     Co-author of the bestselling book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad

“Corey Perlman has written a great primer on using technology to market effectively. eBoot Camp provides a complete overview that is easy to understand and easy to implement. Read this book for a quick and concise game plan for using the internet to grow your business.”
Mark Sanborn
     President, Sanborn & Associates, Inc.
     Bestselling Author, The Fred Factor, You Don’t Need a Title to be a Leader and The      Encore Effect

“Similar to what I teach in my ‘Mind Capture’ book series, Corey makes the often confusing and contradictory world of online marketing simple and easy for people to not only learn about, but more importantly use and implement within their business. This book is the perfect blueprint for any new or existing business owner looking to avoid hype and expensive strategies to help them quickly and cost effectively improve their web based marketing efforts. Kudos to Corey for sharing his years of knowledge, strategies, and teachings within this growing and ever changing medium!”
— Tony Rubleski, President, Mind Capture Group
     #1 Bestselling author – www.MindCaptureBook.com

“By implementing the concepts from this book, we have increased our Internet leads by more than 400% – which ranked highest among a benchmark group of the largest Dale Carnegie franchises in the world. A must-read for any franchisee or small business owner.”
— John Rodgers
     Dale Carnegie Training Franchisee

“My wife and I wrote a book together and wanted to increase sales through our Website. Two months after we implemented the strategies from eBoot Camp, our book sales doubled! We knew very little about Internet marketing, but this book provided step-by-step instructions to guide us through the process. This is a must-read for anyone looking to boost sales through the Internet."
Jared Massanari

“Having recently opened my business, I was overwhelmed with what needed to get done. I knew the Internet would be critical to the success of my business, but I didn’t know where to start. The techniques in eBoot Camp gave me a roadmap to exactly what I needed to do and how to do it. In just a few weeks, I launched a Website, and I already have a top Google ranking! Thank you so much, Corey!”
— Jaime White
     Core Sports Pilates, Plymouth, MI

Budget Minded Small Businesses: Take Note This Book Will Help You Get Seen Online I picked up a copy of the book last night at my local Barnes and Noble. (They only had one copy, came in that day, and was still out back waiting to be unpacked) The book was exactly what I needed! It was an easy but very interesting read. I am already starting to do the exercises from the book today. If your like me and need help improving your website, don't know much about how websites work, and are too cheap to pay someone else to do it for you, then get this book! This will be one of the best $20 investments I have made for the business. Update: I put some of the ideas in the book to use such as writing articles and a blog and have already seen results. Some of my articles are showing up in the top 20 with google for my key words. All of this happened within days of reading the book!! I will keep using the methods from eboot camp and try for the top 10.”
— Matthew Wood

"Corey, I read your book cover to cover on a flight from Detroit to Houston. It was easy to understand, informative, and entertaining. The timing could not have been better for me, as I have two websites under construction! I will be attending one of your upcoming Boot Camps and am really looking forward to learning more! “
— Jason T. Ryan

“I've read quite a few books about Internet marketing and found them overwhelming and complicated. Corey's book is the first book that was easy to read, follow and apply to my website. In particular, I found the exercises, resources and tidbit section extremely relevant and useful. Now, with the new tools I discovered in Corey's eBook Camp book, I look forward to much more online success!”
— Lisa Rickwood

“Wow Corey! What a superb book! It was easy to read and understand and I was able to apply your techniques immediately. Truly, you’ve written a practical “bible” for Internet marketing newbies.”
— Gen Yan-Colebourn

“I’m looking at my bookshelf – at a ton of Internet marketing book. All bought in support of my efforts to promote my brand new web site, www.placescompared.com. However, there is only one book on my desk – eBoot Camp. Hands down yours is the most efficient, most focused - and by a mile. Many thanks; it isn’t your fault I wasted so much money on the other books. I would recommend my use of the book to anyone who you are talking to – 1. I read it on a transatlantic plane trip with a marker to hand. 2. I came home and read it again, this time turning down corners. 3. I went through it again but in front of my PC and worked through each of your tips and action points – the easy ones that are quick to implement however imperfectly. 4. Now I’m going through it again refining and filling in the gaps. Outstanding book – hopefully the benefits will come in time.”
Many thanks
— Brian McPhee

"This book has been the most incredible marketing piece I have ever read for online marketing. I am a small business owner that did not have a clue about how to effectively market my website. You have made this book perfect; simple, educational, effective, hands on, and flat out works! I have started applying all of the things you have taught in this book and I am now reaping the benefits of it and you made it so simple! Thank you!"
— Nick

“If you don't know anything about online marketing and the technical stuff that goes with it, you should try this book! Corey makes it simple for anyone to understand and apply. I've used his techniques and my site is now in the first page of Google! Thanks Corey!”
— Nikki Romero