Spiritual Growth is Not What You Think - How seekers mistake the evolution of their philosophy for spiritual progress

ABOUT Doyle Barnett

Doyle Barnett
Doyle and has spent most all of his life acutely focused on his spiritual growth. His search for truth has been more important to him than education, career, family, and material security. Doyle has authored three books; he is professional mediator, and Neuro-linguistic programmer. He has  More...


This is a lighthearted yet tough-love course in advanced Spiritual philosophy. This is not just another metaphysical fad or more New Age hype. In fact, this pragmatic book is an entertaining antidote to the spiritual-practice-of-the-month syndrome. It offers direction and inspiration to serious seekers who are ready to exchange their super-natural fantasies of myths, magic, and miracles for an actual spiritual reality.

Acclaim for Spiritual Growth is Not What You Think



“[I] have enjoyed [this book] very much. I found it stimulating, provocative, challenging, even disturbing! The topic is timely and relevant—baby-boomers en masse are coming out for spirituality, needing direction and guidance.”

—Nancy Marriott

Co-author, with Candace Pert,

of Everything You Need to

 Know to Feel Go(o)d.



“[This book] is an important reminder that all beliefs place limits and boundaries upon the ineffable spirit. This is a valuable guide to the pathless path: The genius of one’s own genuine spiritual experience. This work will help us lighten our beliefs and dance more with one another.”


—Harold H. Bloomfield, MD

Author of Making Peace with Yourself,

 How to Heal Depression, Life Mates ,and

Love Secrets for a Lasting Relationship.




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Spiritual growth might not be what you think, but this is one book that really made ME think. If you don't want to have your assumptions challenged, then by all means do not read this book. But if want to spend some quality time with someone who has seen life from every side and who is not afraid to let the chips fall where they may, I can guarantee that you will enjoy and benefit from it immensely. Full of warmth, wit, insight, and great (hilarious) stories! —DR. Robotnik


This book cuts to the chase of what it means to truly evolve as a human being. Through highly personal and entertaining vignette's, Mr. Barnett challenges the reader to see how readily we give up our discernment for the sake of comforting ideas. And with great wit and candor he provokes us with questions that couldn't be more important; How willing are we to put aside cherished notions about ultimate questions, and spiritual philosophy, to devote our time to our emotional growth? How willing -and curious- are we to confront our own blind spots? Above all, how well do love -ourselves, and others. Mr. Barnett has dug deep with this book. and although I don't agree with all the conclusions, ( thus the 4 stars- otherwise it would be a 5) I do strongly think/feel that the questions he encourages us to ask ourselves-( questions which many are way too cavalier about) -are essential to humanity's development, and... although I think it's a loaded word, I agree that the best indicator of our 'spiritual' maturity, is in how we live the answers to these very questions.  —Syballine



Reading this book was a very enjoyable experience. Even though I have just begun to question my personal spiritual journey, the book "Spiritual Growth is Not What you Think", is a wonderful place to start. I found it entertaining, funny and easy to relate to. The themes that the author writes about are ones that every person considers in their lifetime. I found it to be an unique perspective. I recommend this book to people of all ages and religions. —Jacklyn


A well written and amusing look at the subject of spiritual growth. The author brings humor to a subject that is often cloaked in seriousness. Mr. Barnett has shared some valuable lessons here. —RBD