God Wars: Living with Angels, Book One

Humor, Romance, Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Robert Tobin

Publisher : Echelon Press

ABOUT Robert Tobin

Robert Tobin
I'm a novelist, screenwriter, non-fiction book author, speaker, former motion picture development executive and book editor, I live in Huntington Beach, California, I have a $15 million feature film due for release in April 2011, a $40 million feature film in development with the director  More...



A young witch using her powers to battle evil accidentally opens the gates of Hell and must battle a demon she can't resist, an angel she can't trust and three-foot tall aliens with really bad attitudes. A rollicking, action-filled, funny, sexy urban fantasy with the most unique female hero in years.

It had been years since I'd written a novel, having been a screenwriter and non-fiction book author all that time, but one day I began writing a novel, "God Wars: Living with Angels," based on a wish fulfillment fantasy of mine, that being able to immediately visit justice upon the bad guys (and gals) of the world. So I created a character, a young woman, who gains magical powers and uses them to wreak havoc and justice of a sort on the bad people around her. But the screenplay wouldn't stop, it just kept getting longer and longer until finally it was nearly three times the length of a feature film screenplay and I realized I'd been bamboozled -- the story had forced me to write a novel against my will!!! So I gave in and converted it to novel format and thus was born "God Wars: Living with Angels."