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Robert Collins
My third science fiction novel, Monitor, came out in 2010 from Whiskey Creek Press. I have two other novels published, Lisa’s Way and Expert Assistance. I also have two short story collections available, The Sagas of Surgard and Fun Tales of Fantasy and the Future.
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To get out of debt, spacer Jake Bonner takes on two odd jobs. The first, chauffeur pop star Evvie Martini on her tour; the second, helping Daniel and Clarissa Rosen overthrow their planet’s tyrannical ruler. Unfortunately for Jake, Evvie finds out about his second assignment and, hoping to advance her career, invites herself to the revolution. From there the absurdity grows for Jake and his band of “freedom fighters.”  Expert Assistance pokes fun at revolutions, pop culture, and some of the cliches of sci-fi.