ABOUT Peter Michael Rosenberg

Peter Michael Rosenberg



Erdogan Denizli is a cleaner. Not a house cleaner or a clothes cleaner. Erdogan cleans up the debris and detritus left in the wake of every domestic death – murder, suicide or accident - that takes place in Ventura County. A stranger’s blood strewn on the carpet after a break-in gone wrong? An illicit lover’s brains splattered across the wall following a crime of passion? Once the forensic team have done their work, then it’s time to call in Erdogan. 

Despite having lived in California for over most of his adult life, Erdogan is still an outsider. His is a desperate existence, suspended between the unforgiving, bleached white light of the California day and the dark, violent shadows of the urban night. He doesn’t let people get close: he daren’t. Even his new relationship with recently widowed Valerie seems strained. But that’s no surprise. Erdogan is hiding from the dark shadows of his own past. As a young man in Northern Cyprus he committed a terrible crime and lost everything; his innocence, his livelihood, his family. He had to flee from his homeland, fearful of discovery. He's been running ever since.

But redemption still eludes him. Or at least it is until the day he’s called to clean up at a seemingly straightforward murder scene and discovers something he shouldn’t, evidence that may implicate the Ventura County Police in a sensational cover-up. Usually, Erdogan would just leave well alone: this isn’t his business and he’s no hero. But when two cops murder his young assistant and then target him, Erdogan has to run.